Blake Griffin Dunk on Perkins & 10 Most Outrageous Posterizations of the Decade

Kelly Scaletta@@KellyScalettaFeatured ColumnistFebruary 1, 2012

Blake Griffin Dunk on Perkins & 10 Most Outrageous Posterizations of the Decade

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    You know the posters—the ones you had of Julius Erving or Michael Jordan dunking hanging on your wall (or Vince Carter depending on when you grew up).

    There's two ways to get on those posters. You're either the guy doing the dunking or the one receiving the dunking. The latter is doing what is being referred to as being "posterized," which is when you get put on someone else's poster. 

    Here are the top 10 posterizing dunks I can find from the last 10 years, though I'm sure you'll find more. Feel free to add the links in the comment section. 

10. Dwight Howard Nearly Kills Jrue Holiday

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    This one is almost unfair. I mean what's a Jrue gonna do? This one came down so hard that it's amazing that Holiday didn't get hurt. When Howard throws something down with all his strength, that's a lot of strength. 

    Probably next time he wises up and just lets Howard take it in. 

9. Kobe Bryant Brutalizes the Rookie Dwight Howard

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    Dwight Howard's first NBA poster might have been on the wrong end of it. Before he became a three-time Defensive Player of the Year he was introduced to the No. 8 version of Kobe Bryant, the athletic one.

    According to Howard, it was the first time he was ever dunked on. He still has flashbacks. 

    I can see why. 

8. Derrick Rose Destroys Goran Dragic

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    According to the laws of physics, force equals mass times speed. I wonder if a "Sports Science" bit has been done on this dunk to determine the amount of force that was generated in this dunk on Dragic.

    That might be the most powerful dunk I've ever seen delivered by a point guard. 

    This play is probably what Dragic is most famous for in the NBA. 

7. Vince Carter Makes Tim Duncan Look Mortal

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    It's one thing to posterize a mere mortal, and it's quite another to posterize a Hall of Famer and one of the greatest defenders ever.

    To do that you'd have to be one of the greatest dunkers ever, which of course, Vince Carter is. 

    Most of his great dunks came before his injury issues, but this one was a flash from his early years and is one of his best ever. 

6. Baron Davis Force Feeds Andrei Kirilenko

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    Baron Davis made Andrei Kirilenko want to move back to Russia on this one. He careened this one off of Kirilenko's noggin, i.e маленькая кружка.

    Take two aspirin and call me in the morning, Andrei. It might help the head ache, but the pride is going to take a little longer to recover.

5. Dwyane Wade Blows Up Anderson Varejao

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    Dwyane "The Grenade" Wade absolutely blows up Andersen Varejao on this one. I mean, it looks like he got sent back by an explosion, and was blown off his feet. This was absolutely rude. 

    Now, granted, Varejao may be the Spanish word for "flop"—I'm not sure about that—but the backwards trajectory and the way he is completely in the air momentarily suggest that this is at least, in part, genuine destruction on Wade's part. 

4. Taj Gibson's Gives Dwyane Wade a Taste of His Own Medicine

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    This dunk probably got as much notoriety as anything because it was on Wade. It was ridiculous enough in its own right to have Reggie Miller quoting Martin Luther King, who declared he had "been to the mountain top and back." 

    And no, you're not expecting to see this from Taj Gibson, but it happened. 

3. Blake Griffin Violates Timofey Mozgov

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    This might have been outdone by the Perkins dunk, but it still belongs in our top 10. I don't know if it's true that Detectives Stabler and Benson investigated this after the game, but I wouldn't be surprised. 

    If you listen closely you can hear Mozgov saying, "Whmmph rprrr uhhh dhhhng thsssss tmmmpff mmmfff."

2. LeBron James Jumps over John Lucas III's Head

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    This dunk is the only one I remember ever seeing where a player jumped over another players head with his feet. 

    Now granted, John Lucas III probably is closer to Spud Webb's height than he is six feet, but still, it's over his head.

    I really can't watch this without thinking of Fleetwood Mac.

1. Blake Griffin's Monster Jam on Kendrick Perkins

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    It's almost as though someone was talking with Griffin about the Timofey Mozgov dunk and they tried to tell him it "didn't count" because it wasn't against a "real defender."

    So he said, "Alright, who do you want me to Mozgov next then?" 

    And so the critic thought about who would be tough to Mozgov and said, "Kendrick Perkins!"

    Griffin took up the challenge and Mozgoved Perkins.

    Now, there are those who want to bicker over the technicality of whether it was "really a dunk." Hey, when you're above the rim, and essentially throw the ball down through the cylinder, it's a dunk.  

    But you gotta wonder, is he taking up another challenge? I wonder who the next victim will be.