10 UFC vs WWE Matches We'd Die to See

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIFebruary 1, 2012

10 UFC vs WWE Matches We'd Die to See

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    Many MMA fans hate it when pro wrestlers are brought into conversation. After all, the WWE is "fake fighting," while MMA is as real as it gets.

    While it is true that pro wrestling is scripted, that doesn't mean that wrestlers themselves aren't skilled fighters. Many are former high school or collegiate wrestlers, with others having trained in bare-knuckle boxing and Muay Thai.

    A decent number of wrestlers could make the transition to MMA, and indeed, I wrote an article about that a while ago.

    Most of those on the list, if not all, will make it onto this one, but there is one or two matches that could be made based off pure hype.

Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker

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    Technically, Lesnar is retired and a former WWE champion as well. He just happens to be a former UFC heavyweight champion as well.

    Very few fans could forget the looks these two men exchanged after the Undertaker shot a few sharp words Lesnar's way. Many an MMA and wrestling fan tried to figure out if it was an attempt for Lesnar to make a last large payday from wrestling, but nothing happened.

    While Lesnar would most likely crush Undertaker, the fact that a man like Undertaker introduced the gogoplata to pro wrestling shouldn't be undervalued.

Michael Bisping vs. Wade Barrett

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    In an interview with IGN, Barrett claims that he dabbled in bare-knuckle boxing and that it made him good money, so he didn't mind it. The large trash-talking Brit would easily outweigh Michael Bisping, but their attitudes would match up perfectly, and the match might end with someone getting knocked out.

    If nothing else, the pre-fight insults would be something else, and both men would be able to sell out the MEN arena with no problem.

Phil Davis vs. Jack Swagger

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    Phil Davis is coming off a loss to Rashad Evans, so this fight would take some time to happen to give Davis a chance to heal up.

    And he would need to be in great shape with an opponent like Jack Swagger, as he has wrestled since the age of five and even went on to become a collegiate All-American. That means for as many jokes as some might crack about Swagger, he genuinely could take out some fighters and do it with ease.

    A fight between him and the improving, but still one-dimensional Davis would make sense for both of them and excite fans of grappling everywhere.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Rashad Evans

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    Dolph Ziggler is another amateur wrestler who went down the WWE route instead of MMA. He was an amateur at the high school and collegiate level and was even teammates with Gray Maynard.

    While a match with Maynard would be out of the question because of size difference, the cocky heel could test his chops against Rashad Evans, who is also known for being a bit sure of himself.

    Ziggler would need to work on his striking if that were to happen, but he is such an athlete that he might be able to make the transition.

Pat Barry vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    Both Del Rio and Barry have something in common.

    They lost fights in MMA to Mirko Cro Cop. The only difference is that while Barry lost by choke, Del Rio lost by head kick.

    Del Rio has fought a few fights in MMA, though he was better known for being a luchadore before the WWE signed him and took his character a different direction.

    But that doesn't change the fact that Del Rio has a 9-5 MMA record, as recorded by Sherdog.com.

    In essence, he is an MMA fighter and a pro wrestler. A fight between him and Barry would be interesting, as each man is flawed and would try to either keep the fight standing or put it on the ground.

Santino Marella vs. Tom Lawlor

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    It is hard to believe that a comedy character like Santino Marella is a judoka who almost went into MMA, as mentioned in an article by the Sun. 

    Marella would be great at taking people down, but his lack of abilities on his feet would make a match with Lawlor entertaining and more evenly matched.

    But the real reason to see this fight would be the weigh-ins and the walkouts. Lawlor has used pro wrestling before when he walked out as Hulk Hogan. Marella is also entertaining, and both would leave the fans in stitches.

    That is, until the match started. Then, they would give them a fight.

Daniel Bryan vs. Chris Leben

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    This is a fight that would have to wait until Leben's suspension is up, but it would be worth it.

    Leben is a striker who has evolved himself to the point where he now picks up submission victories, but against an accomplished wrestler like Bryan, who has also shown a little knowledge of striking, he might need to learn even more.

    It would be an interesting clash of styles, and because Bryan is a quieter wrestler who doesn't have the larger-than-life persona, it would be up to Leben to sell the fight.

    Plus Daniel Bryan is known to follow the rules while Leben isn't.

William Regal vs. Randy Couture

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    This is another fight that happens to be a technicality. William Regal is on his way out from being a professional wrestler, while Randy Couture retired from the Octagon last year.

    However, they are both similar in age, and both know quite a bit about submission wrestling.

    While Regal learned the trade starting at 15 and wrestling in circus acts, Couture went into the military and practiced his amateur wrestling there. Both ended up learning how to do serious harm to other human beings and are the same age, which would put them on even terms.

    It would be a match between consummate professionals and an interesting answer to the question of what is better: structured learning or a chaotic environment. 

Triple H vs. Jon Jones

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    In an article on MMAFighting.com, Triple H stated that MMA needed to evolve more than pro wrestling.

    The comment is a bit ludicrous, and his attitude showed he didn't understand the sport. In that vein, putting him in with Jones is a bit of a revenge matchup that would have pro wrestling fans shaking their heads and MMA fans crowing loudly.

    Nothing in Triple H's history shows that he has any experience in real fighting, but after the insulting comments he made, it would still be a fun fight to watch.

CM Punk vs. Chael Sonnen

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    If Triple H fighting in the cage was supposed to be an insult to pro wrestling, then this is the match that proves the polar opposite.

    Punk not only knows a lot about MMA, but still trains in martial arts himself and still knows how to bust a gut or pull a submission. His knowledge is second to none, and his ability to market is unparalleled.

    At least in pro wrestling.

    In MMA, he would have to compete against his opponent for TV time and to see who had the best ability with promos.

    For all of Sonnen's talk, he is mostly a wrestler, and Punk is better at submissions. The match wouldn't be a sideshow event, but a real competition with both men drawing enough attention to make not only a lot of money for each other, but the sport as well.

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