Dwight Howard and the 9 Most Selfish Trade Demands in NBA History

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Dwight Howard and the 9 Most Selfish Trade Demands in NBA History
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A trend that's taken off these days that was never much of a huge problem in years past is superstars telling teams before their contract runs out that they want out and want to be traded.

This is an interesting development, because on the one hand it saves teams from having a situation like Cleveland and Toronto had with LeBron James and Chris Bosh, but on the other hand, it's turning fans against superstars and making those superstars look incredibly selfish.

Of course, when we tackle this whole problem, you have to determine which school of thought you're in.

Are you one of those people who think superstars can owe their team something in certain situations, or are you the "basketball is a business" person who thinks everything is fair game, as players have free will?

I for one do think there are certain situations where a player owes something to the team they're on. Often, a team has built everything around this superstar over the course of multiple seasons, getting to a certain point only to have the superstar run off to another city because it's in a bigger market or it's a tax-free state.

Sure, I understand the other side of the coin. Players telling their teams beforehand that they're planning on walking away after their contract is up is definitely better than the other option, but in certain cases, the player leaving at all is a shady thing to do.

They do have free will, but at the same time, the fans have the free will to look at this player and see what he's doing as an act of betrayal.

So which selfish displays were the most selfish, and on top of that, I'll reason why a few players wanting to leave weren't selfish at all.

Also, before we get into this just know that my original goal wasn't dumping on Kobe Bryant, but the things he's done in his days haven't been exactly kosher.

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