Minnesota Vikings Stadium Update: New Minneapolis Stadium Site Rumor Is False

Soven BerySenior Analyst IJanuary 31, 2012

Lester Bagley and Ziggy Wilf talk about the new stadium
Lester Bagley and Ziggy Wilf talk about the new stadium

These days in the NFL rumors come and go almost as quickly as a Kim Kardashian marriage. So that new rumor about the Minnesota Vikings stadium just got Kris Humphriesed (that has to be a word).

On Monday, January 30 the idea that the Vikings might leave the Metrodome and build on a site just east of the Dome got started. No one really knows where this rumor came from but I can confirm it false. And by “I” I mean the Minnesota Vikings of course.

“Calling it the fourth site is people getting carried away.  There is no viable plan and no viable site,” said Vikings Vice President Lester Bagley. How people even believed this rumor is what got to me.

The site that the rumor stated is currently occupied by the 511 building. This building is a high-tech hotel and data center holding several long-term leases. The owner of the building, Anupham Kharbanda, said, “The rumor should die where it started.” The building is not for sale.

The fact that anyone believed this rumor is crazier than the Jersey Shore. The practicality of it happening was next to zero. Of course this rumor was killed quicker than Kenny from South Park.

Right now there are three viable bids for the new home of the Minnesota Vikings. The Minneapolis Site, which will be built on the ground of the old Metrodome, is in first place. Shakopee is in second place. This site boosts a stadium that would fit 75,000 people and 22,000 tailgaters. The hugely expensive Ramsey County project is in third with the LA and Duluth idea hanging around.