Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: 5 Reasons Chicago Bulls Shouldn't Trade for Howard

D BContributor IIIJanuary 31, 2012

Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: 5 Reasons Chicago Bulls Shouldn't Trade for Howard

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    The rumors that Dwight Howard might want to play for the Chicago Bulls are back. Don't get too excited. The Bulls aren't on his list yet. Who has lists anyway?

    These very same rumors have swirled since the last offseason. Some cold water was splashed on them when Howard listed his preferred destinations and the Bulls weren't on it.

    Here are five reasons why this potential trade wouldn't actually be a good idea.

Goodbye, Noah and Deng

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    The Bulls showed a lot of confidence in their core three players by extending Joakim Noah and Luol Deng to long contracts, and then handing Derrick Rose the mother of all contracts. Well-deserved, I might add.

    Noah has long been thought of as the emotional leader of the Bulls. He's the guy that gets everybody pumped—the guy who slams his hand on a table in frustration after a blown play because he's so invested in the game.

    One word which could describe Noah would be gritty. I think that matches the Bulls' hometown of Chicago pretty well. Meanwhile, Dwight Howard wants to be a movie star in Hollywood.

    Then you've got Deng, a perennially underrated player who most people agree is the second-best player on the team behind Rose. He's also one of the most high-character players in the league.

    Deng is the longest active member of this Bulls team, after being selected by the Phoenix Suns in the 2004 draft and being immediately traded to the Bulls in a draft-day swap. He's a constant on this team and the veteran presence you want on a team.

D12 Is Immature

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    First, Howard wanted to be traded. Then maybe he didn't. Now yes, he does.

    Howard doesn't really know what he wants. He's presently blaming his team's four-game losing streak on the rest of the team. Could you ever imagine Rose doing that? Rose puts the blame, usually undeserved, on himself.

    What kind of leader is Howard if he's blaming his teammates? He's the superstar. The buck stops with him. Howard wants to be the head honcho on his team. That hasn't worked out too well for the Orlando Magic, though.

    Howard led his team to the NBA Finals in 2009 where they lost 4-1. Most recently, the Magic were seen losing in the first round of the playoffs to the Atlanta Hawks.

Rose Thinks the Team Can Win Now

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    Rose believes the Bulls can win a championship as they're currently constructed.

    The Bulls had about a 1.7 percent chance of getting the No. 1 pick in the 2008 draft. They made the right choice and drafted Rose over Michael Beasley. Since then, Rose has led the Bulls back to prominence and back to contention.

    It's important for your superstar to believe in his team and his teammates. When he doesn't, he starts blaming them and they emotionally desert their team like Howard has done.

    You'd never expect that from Rose, who grew up in Chicago. The kid just wants to win.

D12 Lacks Killer Instinct

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    Howard is shooting a miserable 46 percent from the free-throw line this year. That's significantly lower than his already-low career average of 60 percent from the line.

    That number becomes more important when you consider that Howard leads the league in free throws attempted this year. Normally Howard has to muscle his way into the paint, bang around for a bit and then finally get his shot. So then why is he missing his freebies?

    Michael Jordan made a free throw with his eyes closed and Howard can't make more than 46 percent of them with his eyes open? Rose missed two free throws in a game earlier this week against the Miami Heat and has vowed that won't happen again.

    Howard misses more of them than he makes and still remains his jovial self while doing it.

    Then you've got to ask why the Bulls aren't on Howard's list. Can winning a championship be a priority for Howard if he doesn't want to team up with the reigning MVP and create one of the best tandems in NBA history?

A Trade for D12 Doesn't Guarantee a Title

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    Bringing Howard to the Bulls may not be the slam dunk it sounds like. The Bulls aren't the most talented team in the league but they're certainly one of the best. You can attribute a lot of that to the fact that the Bulls have great chemistry.

    You destroy that chemistry by blowing up the team to get Howard. There's always going to be growing pains when you bring guys in that haven't played together before. You don't want those growing pains to become chemistry problems like they have with the New York Knicks, who recently brought two superstars together.

    Beyond those possible internal problems, there are still a lot of good teams in this league. Throwing Rose and Howard on the same team does create a super team, but let's be honest and say that super teams are a dime a dozen these days.

    Teams with the Bulls' unselfishness and their drive to win every single game are rare.