NBA Trade Scenarios: Why Dwight Howard for Blake Griffin Makes Sense

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The Orlando Magic have spent the last week falling apart at the seams, a situation that hasn’t been sitting well with superstar center Dwight Howard. Having already requested a trade out of Orlando, Howard is becoming visibly frustrated with his continued presence on a team that looks less and less like a title contender in the talent-rich Eastern Conference.

With the Magic held hostage by Howard’s trade demands, they’re unlikely to get anything resembling equal value in return for the best center in basketball. However, one deal that might help blunt the sting of Howard’s departure would be if Orlando sent him to the Clippers for L.A.’s own young low-post superstar, Blake Griffin.

Given Howard’s immense salary, the Clippers would need to include some other players in the deal to make the money work out, but that wouldn’t be an insuperable obstacle. For whoever else is involved, though, the focus of the deal would clearly be on Howard and Griffin.

It’s worth stressing that there’s no reason to believe this swap is even being discussed, let alone that it will become reality. That said, there are benefits to be had on both sides of the deal, so it’s not as impossible as it seems at first glance.

Have a look at this collection of factors that make a Griffin-for-Howard deal an appealing prospect, if only in fans’ imaginations.

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