Mike Krzyzewski, Coaching His Own Damn Duke Team

Matt NorlanderAnalyst IFebruary 21, 2008

The sky is anything but falling in Durham.

However, we’ve seen Duke lose back-to-back games now, so many will take plenty of glee in the ability to gasconade that their proclamations about the K’s have been confirmed.

Still, Duke will be, at worst, a third seed (count on it) so we can all just sit back and only hope they are felled by a six or an 11 in the second round.

As for Miami’s win: It probably is the one that gets Miami into The Tournament—if they don’t screw it up down the stretch. It’s also their second win against Duke in history (the first one coming back in that memorable game in 1962).

Also, no floor storm for Miami last night. A commenter over at the Miami Herald’s website explains.

Still, this kind of loss for this kind of Duke team doesn’t feel quite as good as in years past.

What are your thoughts? Is Duke finally playing to their true ability, or are they still Elite Eight (or further) bound?