WWE Rankings: Top 11 Wrestler Debuts

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WWE Rankings: Top 11 Wrestler Debuts
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Debuts in the WWE can get fans going like no other segment. The pops for a surprise appearance entering a new organization can be deafening.

Thankfully, with video services like YouTube, we can relive these moments over and over again.

It's harder to do get these pops than it was in the past because we were spoiled. Living through the Monday Night Wars and the sale of WCW brought about debuts of superstars at a crazy rate.

Debuts don't necessarily make or break a person. Even with a solid debut, the wrestler sometimes can't capitalize on the momentum.

I judged the debuts on many criteria; impact the debut had on the WWE, pop received, the impact the debut had on the wrestling industry, whether it was a payoff to an angle; and whether the wrestler was already established in the business.

However, all that was thrown out the window if I enjoyed the debut. After all, it is my list.

There were so many great debuts to choose from. I don't doubt that I've left out some of the communities' favorites. I couldn't even cut down the list to 10; I took the cheap way out and made it a list of 11.

So without further ado, I give you my top 11 WWE debuts. 

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