Minnesota Vikings Stadium Update: NFL Helping the Stadium Effort

Brian DezelskeCorrespondent IIIJanuary 31, 2012

Some positive news came out of the most recent talks involving the Minnesota Vikings’ stadium issue, or issues for that matter.

The National Football League has come out and said that no NFL franchise will be allowed to move to Los Angeles until next year at the very least.

This is a huge relief to a number of people, including players and fans.

For players like Jared Allen—even though he’s made no bones about how much he dislikes Mall of America Field—at least knows what state he’ll be playing in next year.

As for fans, they have the comfort of knowing their beloved Vikings are sticking around and progress is being made towards coming to an agreement on a new stadium.

As far as the front-running location for a new stadium goes, it’s looking more and more like the site where the old Metrodome currently sits—Owner Zygi Wilf’s least favorite spot, according to Patrick Condon of the Associated Press.

“I’m optimistic that it could be,” Wilf said when asked about the site that the Homerdome sits on, although he still has high hopes for the location in Arden Hills.

 Wilf’s, and most Vikings fans', concern is that building downtown would hurt the parking situation (terrible, btw…) and kill what little tailgating there already is down there.

The Arden Hills project would offer spacious parking and plenty of area for tailgating and other festivities.

Let’s be honest here—the whole experience of going to a football game at the Metrodome, now MOA Field, has never been a great one.

The tailgating has always been awful, mainly because you had to walk a substantial distance getting to and from the stadium, from where it was you were parked/tailgating.

For the stingy, selfish legislature that is our local government, it’s time they get the twin cities on the same level as the other major metropolitan cities around the country.

I’m going to use two examples here of what I’m talking about.

The first example is Lambeau Field and the city of Green Bay, WI. Say what you want about them being the enemy and arch rival, but they have it figured out.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience an NFL Sunday in Green Bay, I suggest you do so.

The location of the stadium allows for plenty of parking and tons of tailgating, without having to walk an absurd distance to and from the stadium.

The last example I would like to point out is Arrowhead and Kauffman Stadiums in Kansas City.

Simply the best setup you could ask for in terms of parking, tailgating, ease of getting around and getting in and out of each stadium.

Both facilities are located right next to each other with one giant (ginormous) parking lot to be utilized.

It’s out of the downtown area, so traffic isn’t completely ridiculous and out of control.

It just doesn’t get any better than fabulous Kansas City for taking in the whole experience of a sporting event—it’s something that Minnesota sports fans deserve.


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