WWE Raw Supershow: 5 Things We Learned

Rocky Brown@MrBootsTheHumanCorrespondent IJanuary 31, 2012

WWE Raw Supershow: 5 Things We Learned

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    WWE Raw Supershow emanated from Kansas City, and the road to WrestleMania has begun.

    We saw a return of a beloved legend—a superstar made his intentions known and a funky competitor continued to make his way through the entire roster of WWE Superstars.

    The show only featured five matches, if you count the weekly thrown in divas match that lasted about a minute. But what the show didn't have in quantity, it sure made up in quality.

    Overall, it was a very solid show that left me surprisingly pleased.

    Here are five things we can take away from the WWE Raw Supershow that followed the Royal Rumble.

    Disclaimer: If you haven't watched the show this article contains spoilers.

Honorable Mentions

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    There were a few honorable mentions for the WWE Raw Supershow that I just want to devote a couple sentences to.


    The WWE doesn't know how to use William Regal

    The guy needs to be in the ring. He doesn't need to be talking backstage to John Laurinaitis about his conjoined daughters he keeps in the attic. Let this guy do what he does best and that's perform in the ring.


    Dolph Ziggler is the WWE's duct tape

    What I mean by this is that Ziggler can be used for anything.

    Want a guy to wrestle two matches in a night? Ziggler.

    Want a guy to put on a great title match with the champ? Ziggler.

    Want a guy to put someone over? Ziggler.

    Put him anywhere on the card, in any storyline, and the guy will perform and perform well.


    Michael Cole needs to quit bashing Daniel Bryan

    You heard him praise Bryan a little bit during the match when King mentioned Cole praised him during the break. The heel turn has gone so well for Bryan that it seems it's a little ahead of schedule. The writers need to adapt to this and just go with it. Cole bashing him is just going to confuse the casual fan.

5. The Divas Have a Legit Gripe

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    Let me start off by saying that I'm not the biggest fan of women's wrestling in the WWE. Still, the lack of time devoted to divas is getting down right ridiculous.

    The Beth Phoenix vs. Eve Torres Divas Championship match on Raw was quicker than the ladies' entrances.

    I know the purpose was to show the state of Eve's fragile little mind, but all it did was devalue the division a little more.

    If Raw doesn't have time to devote to the women's division, they need to use some of the divas as managers on the show and move the belt and women's matches over to SmackDown.

    Right now, the divas' token segment of the night doesn't have much purpose, and the time would be better used on something else.

4. Brodus Clay Hates the Wrestlers on WWE Superstars

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    "The Funkasaurus" Brodus Clay has been on a winning streak since re-debuting on the Raw SuperShow on January 9th, and has been squashing the wrestlers predominately featured on WWE Superstars.

    The only performer that's regularly on SmackDown or Raw was Brodus' Royal Rumble opponent Drew McIntyre.

    Haven't these individuals been through enough? Curt Hawkins, JTG, Alex Riley, Tyson Kidd, Heath Slater and tonight's victim Tyler Reks have all been squashed in a matter of moments.

    Reks did take Brodus down to one knee tonight, but I sneezed, and the match was over.

    I know Brodus says, "My bad," during a match, but it's just not enough. Shame on you, Funkasaurus, shame on you and your cold, black heart.

    Performers on WWE Superstars, my thoughts are with you.

3. Daniel Bryan and CM Punk: Best Match of the Week

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    Daniel Bryan and CM Punk put on a show squaring off Monday.

    The two former independent stars had the match of the week on Raw, and in my mind, topped anything that was seen on the Royal Rumble pay-per-view on Sunday.

    This match showed why members of the IWC say Punk and Bryan are the best wrestlers the company has to offer.

    While night after night there seems to be something for fans to complain about, I don't know how a single person could complain about the display these two athletes put on.

    The match did end a little unsatisfying with a DQ finish, more on that later.

    The back-and-forth between the two leading up to the match was also very entertaining. Vegans and straight-edge individuals the world over may be at war tomorrow but wasn't it worth it?

2. Chris Jericho Is Gunning for Punk, World as We Know It Still Intact

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    Chris Jericho interrupted the match between Daniel Bryan and CM Punk causing a DQ. Not only that, he first attacked Daniel Bryan costing Punk a victory.

    On a side note, Daniel Bryan preceded to celebrate "Nintendo Kid" style.

    While the Jericho vs. CM Punk feud that has been rumored about for what seems like ages is finally coming to fruition, we still don't know what Jericho means by the "world as we know it ending" stuff.

    Will we ever know? It's hard to say. This part of the gimmick could float away like the anonymous Raw GM, the tag team division or Evan Bourne's push.

    Reading the tea leaves, this also might tell us that Sheamus plans to challenge for the World Championship because I doubt the Jericho/Punk feud ends at Elimination Chamber.

    After the attack Monday, it's clear Jericho's after Punk and the WWE Title.

1. Undertaker vs. Triple H WrestleMania Match Is a Go

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    Another match that has been long rumored for WrestleMania—Undertaker vs. Triple H—seems to be certain.

    While I have long been against a third WrestleMania bout between the two, I must say that I marked out like a little kid during the final segment of the evening.

    Triple H walking away from Undertaker and his challenge at the end of the show was done very well.

    Over the next few weeks, we are going to see Undertaker try to lure Triple H into a match, with Hunter declining due to his responsibilities as COO or GM of Raw.

    We could also see John Laurinaitis keep his current position as interim Raw GM or perhaps a new interim GM is brought in (Foley anyone?). 

    The more I've thought about this third WrestleMania match, the more I've realized that Triple H is really the only person left on the active roster that can fight Taker.

    If this is Taker's last match, he knows he can count on Triple H to help him put on a great match at the grandest stage. I don't think anyone else could be trusted with this honor. Same goes for Hunter if it would happen to be his final match.


    What were your thoughts on this week's show? Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments.