WWE Roundtable: Superstars That Should Have Been Included in the Royal Rumble

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WWE Roundtable: Superstars That Should Have Been Included in the Royal Rumble
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That’s right, it’s the BRRT Boys, back for another exciting edition of WWE debate! 

For those of you not down with the crew, BRRT stands for the Bleacher Report Roundtable.  Though our crazy-cool nicknames may be a little intimidating, I assure you we are just like the rest of you fans out there. We love the business, and we love nothing more than to talk about every facet of it, especially WWE.

All of the talk today, of course, centers around last night’s Royal Rumble—more specifically the 30-man contest itself.

Much has already been made about who competed in the bout, as we did have a few surprises, including the Road Dogg Jesse James, and the return of Kharma. But a lot has also been said about who was not in the match.

We as fans always have our own opinions, and for many of us, while the Rumble was entertaining, it may have been just a little better, if only for the inclusion of a few favorite Superstars.

After all, the best aspect of the Rumble has always been its unpredictability.  

Every year, the expected WWE Superstars make their collective presence felt, and one by one they make their individual impacts, then settle in for the duration.  

But, then it happens. A familiar, yet unexpected tune hit’s the sound system, and before you know it, fans are face with an old favorite who proceeds to blow the roof off of the building.

We have seen it many times over the years, and though we did see it a couple of times last night, the fact is we could have seen it a few more.

Those are the moments that we as wrestling fans love, the moments that we live for, and that we love to talk about the next day.

So, on that note, we in the B/R Posse, minus Jon Fisher and Daniel Massey this week, bring you our own personal choices for WWE Superstars who should have been included in the Royal Rumble match.

As always, your comments and views are greatly appreciated, because we are always about the debate.

You know how we do. Now let’s do this.

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