Super Bowl Commercials: Watch Jerry Seinfeld's Hilarious Acura Ad

Richard LangfordCorrespondent IJanuary 30, 2012

Jerry Seinfeld and Acura are going on a full comedy assault to be the kings of this year's Super Bowl commercials. That is no easy title to take, but the funny man will definitely be in contention. 

Over the years, the Super Bowl ads have earned almost as much hype and anticipation as the game itself. The best commercials are produced more like a movie than a commercial, and many of them pack more funny in their condensed package than any of the sinking sitcoms NBC is rolling out these days. 

Seinfeld's ad harkens back to the network's, and his, glory days when his iconic sitcom ruled the air. The famous Soup Nazi even makes an appearance. 

The chef who wields his delicious soup as power shows up with Jerry on the doorstep of the lucky man at the head of the Acura NSX line.

This is just one of the many stops the comedy star pulls out to try and convince the man to let Jerry be the first to get the new sporty car. 

This guy proves to be a tough sell, too. The common man would have likely cracked with just a whiff of this famous soup, but he resists. He resists everything until Seinfeld offers him access to his private zip line over Manhattan. 

That is until Jay Leno flies in from nowhere in his jet pack squirrel suit. And just like that, our faithful protagonist's hopes of becoming the first owner of the new Acura jet off into the New York skyline. 

At least Mr. Seinfeld can take solace in the fact that he was funny again.