NFL News: Check out the Preview of Nike's New NFL Cleats for the 2012 Season

Chris HumphreyCorrespondent IJanuary 30, 2012

As we approach the change from Reebok to Nike as the primary equipment provider for the NFL, we receive another glimpse of what our favorite teams' treads will look like in 2012 (click here to see the full photo).

While it’s not something like the new Carolina Panthers logo released by Nike, the company released what the new cleats will look like next season after unveiling the new Vapor gloves last week.

Even though the majority of teams seem to be keeping their current color scheme as of now, there are indications from the preview picture from Nike that there might be some changes in 2012.

The first team that I noticed in the picture is Arizona along the bottom row, as the traditional red of the Cardinals seems to be much darker than what they wore in 2011.

In the same row as the Cardinals, the Seattle Seahawks might be getting a new, unique color of green that seems to be a little darker than the scheme that probably made a few eyes hurt in the great Northwest.

While Arizona and Seattle are going darker in 2012, Sam Bradford and the St Louis Rams will have a bit of a lighter scheme to their blue and gold, as evidenced in the preview picture for the new cleats.

While most teams didn’t really have much change to their schemes, the Minnesota Vikings seem to have a completely new look to their colors, as the cleats seem to show a much darker purple and black for next season.

Unlike other teams in the picture, the traditional look of the Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers and the Oakland Raiders will seem to be relatively unaltered by Nike when they take the field next season. 

So NFL fans, are you worried that Nike will drastically alter the look of your favorite team, or is the change something you are looking forward to during the 2012 season?

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