Royal Rumble Results: McIntyre, Bourne for Ring of Honour / TNA?

Conchobhar O DochartaighContributor IIJanuary 30, 2012

Will we see this again?
Will we see this again?

These two superstars haven’t been doing so great lately. Between suspensions and bad booking, it doesn’t look too bright for either wrestlers' futures in the company. With the rising prominence of smaller promotions, it wouldn’t be unfeasible for them to jump ship in the near future, and I could hazard a guess as to where they are going.

Drew McIntyre is just getting buried. Doing squash matches every week with the newest "buzz" comedy character must be taking its toll on him, and I really get the feeling that having to do it at the Royal Rumble might have been the last straw. Would it be unreasonable for him to ask to be released and go somewhere like TNA, where he stands a better chance of getting some proper time in the ring? Although McIntyre had a run in the Intercontinental Championship, I don’t think he is finished yet. Maybe TNA could make better use of him, but TNA isn’t exactly known for that.

Evan Bourne, on the other hand, has a different problem. He has just received his second Wellness Policy suspension in three months, which will not have endeared him to the top brass. To be caught so soon after coming back makes me think that Bourne almost wants to be fired, possibly because he feels he would fit in better at Ring of Honour, where his high-flying and technical ability would be better appreciated.

I think Bourne has good talent and would especially fit into a Tag Team feud. Ring Of Honour seems to suit his style more; after all, he was a part of the company for three years, and with the company continually growing, perhaps he sees a better future there, coupled with his frustration in the WWE.

These are two wrestlers in very different positions, but which will probably result in the same thing. I can see both wrestlers leaving in the near future. The fact that they can leave the WWE and still have fruitful careers in professional wrestling is a great indication of the dynamics and strength of the industry.