Denver Broncos Must Trade Tim Tebow Before the 2012 NFL Draft

Joe DrakeContributor IIIFebruary 3, 2012

Tim Tebow feeling the effects of taking yet another "coverage sack"
Tim Tebow feeling the effects of taking yet another "coverage sack"Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Tim Tebow "burst" onto the NFL scene this year as an option quarterback for the Denver Broncos. He immediately sparked the previously 1-4 team to a 7-4 record and an eventual first-round playoff win.

But if John Elway and the Broncos are smart, Tim Tebow will never play another down in a Denver uniform.

Ladies and gentlemen, what we witnessed this past year in Denver was a gimmick. It was an offense designed around the QB option and deception. Yes, it did bring momentary success—a six-game winning streak and eight wins in 13 games.

However, what happens if we take a closer look at these wins and losses?

Tim Tebow led the Broncos to exactly zero wins against playoff teams during the regular season. Their record against teams over .500? 0-2. Combined score in those games? 86-33. The Broncos averaged a meager 18.5 points per game with Tebow at the helm and scored 18 or fewer points in eight of those 11 games.

The two times Tebow led the Broncos past the 30-point barrier? When they faced the 29th and 31st worst defenses in the NFL (points allowed).

These are not the building blocks of success.

This was a team that survived games by leaning on their defense and scraping by with their offense. The Bronco defense scored six defensive touchdowns in 2011—that was No. 2 in the NFL, trailing only the New York Jets with seven.

To put it in perspective, Tebow only managed 18 touchdowns (1.5 per game), or just 12 more than the Denver defense. That is not pretty.

I should also mention that this wasn't even Tebow's rookie year. The future does not look bright in Denver with him there.

The Broncos need to cash in on Tim Tebow's hype and trade him away for players or picks and pursue other options. While their playoff win did not secure them an early pick, they could definitely move up to select a top-tier QB or even court a free agent like Matt Flynn.

The future of the franchise depends on it.

Should Denver pass on their opportunity to deal Tebow, they will have nothing to show for their efforts this season. The Tebow Option Offense will likely follow the same path as the Wildcat—a gimmick that was dismantled by NFL coordinators in one offseason.

If you think NFL coaches enjoy being tricked, you'd better think again.