WWE Royal Rumble 2012 Results: Match-by-Match Breakdown

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IJanuary 30, 2012

The WWE 2012 Royal Rumble has come and gone, and it will be regarded as a not so memorable WWE event to kick off 2012.  Considering that this was the silver anniversary of the Royal Rumble, the WWE could have brought their “A”game.

This was an average show, and of course the highlight of the night was the WWE Championship Match itself.  The 2012 Royal Rumble ended with both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan retaining their respective titles.  

And of course Sheamus won the Royal Rumble Match, and is heading to WrestleMania XXVIII to face the champion of his choice.  From top to bottom, here are the results from the WWE 2012 Royal Rumble.


World Heavyweight Title (Triple Threat Steel Cage Match) Daniel Bryan def. The Big Show & Mark Henry

Daniel Bryan was, as always, overconfident as he made his way to the ring, flaunting the World Heavyweight Title.  But he had the odds stacked against him when he faced off against The Big Show and Mark Henry.  Show and Henry started off the match exchanging blows.  Bryan of course made several attempts to escape the steel cage, but was thwarted by both Henry and Show.

Bryan used his speed to keep both Henry and Show down.  Mark Henry was down for most of the match because of his injured foot, but he gave his best effort.  Daniel Bryan climbed over the top of the steel cage, but was stopped by The Big Show.  

Show held on to Bryan's wrist as hard as he could, but Bryan slipped out of Show's grasp, fell to the floor and was declared the winner.  Daniel Bryan is still the World Heavyweight Champion.

Comments: This was a short match, and of course Mark Henry was not much of a factor.  The Big Show and Daniel Bryan carried most of the match.  As usual, the WWE continues to open pay-per-views with World Title Matches.

Photo: wwe.com
Photo: wwe.com


Eight Divas Tag-Team Match: Beth Phoenix, Natalya, & The Bella Twins def. Kelly Kelly, Eve, Tamina & Alicia Fox

Nattie and Tamina started the match and exchanged some hair pulls and some punches.  Eve gets the tag from Tamina, but she doesn't last long against the double team tactics of Beth's team.  

Eve finally gets the tag to Alicia Fox, she attempts to get the win, but the Bella's use their “Twin Magic” to trick Fox.  Fox is beaten down then she gets the tag to Kelly Kelly, and she gets in her usual spots. 

A mêlée involving seven of the Divas breaks out outside of the ring, and Kelly dives off of the top rope for a suicide dive making bowling pins out of the divas.  Beth finally gets in the ring, she hits Kelly Kelly with the Glam Slam for the three-count and the win.

Comments: This was your usual Divas Tag-Team Match.  Too much of the Bella Twins and not enough Beth Phoenix.


John Cena & Kane both get counted out

Cena attempted to gain control over Kane early in the match, but Kane brought the match outside where Cena ran Kane into the steel ring steps.  The match went back inside, and Kane was favouring his right knee for a few minutes.  

Kane had control over Cena, and used some high impact moves and his trademark uppercuts to wear down Cena.  Cena attempted several times to gain some momentum, but Kane was able to keep control of the match.

Cena did manage to slap Kane in the STF, but Kane broke free to once again get one over on Cena.  Cena finally gains some control, attempting the five knuckle shuffle but was unsuccessful.

Photo: wwe.com
Photo: wwe.com


The match went back and forth, with Cena getting some moves over on Kane, hitting a five knuckle shuffle on Kane from the top rope.  Cena attempted the Attitude Adjustment, but could not make it stick when Kane knocks Cena to the outside of the ring.

Kane and Cena exchanged blows on the outside, when the referee counts to 10 and declares a double count out on both men.  Both participants made it to the backstage area, where Kane brutally attacked Cena with a steel chair, knocking him out.

Kane glances at Zack Ryder's dressing room door, he kicks it down, attacks Ryder and uses his massive hand to suffocate him.  Kane then wheels Ryder to the ring area, dumps him onto the floor then throws him in the ring.  

Eve runs into the ring, and begs Kane not to hurt Ryder. Kane then scoops up Ryder for the Tombstone Piledriver, gives Eve an evil grin and piledrives Ryder to the mat.  

Cena runs in, but Kane hits the Chokeslam on Cena.  Kane finally exits the ring, while Eve hovers over the broken bodies of John Cena and Zack Ryder.

Comments: This match shouldn't have gone to a double count out.  The match itself was average, and considering that the WWE was building this match for weeks they could have done better.


Brodus Clay def. Drew McIntyre

Because Drew McIntyre complained that he was not in the Royal Rumble Match,Theodore Long decided to put him in a singles match against the “Funkasaurus” Brodus Clay.  

McIntyre immediately attacks Clay with some punches and kicks to try to wear him down.  But, Clay is not at all impressed with McIntyre's arsenal.  

Clay hits some Headbutts, a T-Bone Suplex and finally the “What the Funk” Cross Body for the 1, 2, 3.


Comments: Brodus Clay is enjoyable to watch in the ring, and once again Drew McIntyre is on the one way train to jobber-ville.


WWE Championship – CM Punk def. Dolph Ziggler

John Laurinaitis makes his way to the ring and announces to the WWE Universe that he will referee from the outside of the ring.  He called for one of the regular referees to come down and call the match. Before the match even starts, Laurinaitis bans Vickie Guerrero from ringside, and the match gets underway.  

Punk and Ziggler start the match off trading spots.  Ziggler of course is showing off between his own spots to get some heat from the crowd.  Punk hooks the Anaconda Vise early on Ziggler, but Ziggler wriggled his way out of it.  Punk gains control of the match, but it's short-lived when he injures his neck at the hands of Ziggler, who knocks him off of the top rope.

Ziggler immediately works on Punk's neck.  The match shifts, Punk and Ziggler exchange right hands, but Ziggler regains control of Punk.  Ziggler attempts to hit the Zig-Zag, but Punk counters with a massive Power Bomb that rocks Ziggler's neck.  Punk gets a two and three quarters for a pin attempt.

Punk then hits Ziggler with his trademark running high knee, and hits the bulldog.  Punk then attempts the GTS, but Ziggler counters with a sling-shot to the turnbuckle.

Punk counters the slingshot, tries the high cross body, Ziggler counters with the roll up for a really close three count.  Punk once again gains control, and hits Ziggler with the Randy Savage Elbow for a near fall.

Photo: wwe.com
Photo: wwe.com


The usual “referee gets knocked out spot” follows, and Punk slaps the Anaconda Vise on Ziggler while the ref is down and out on the floor.  Laurinaitis is checking the ref's condition, and Punk at this point is irate.  

Ziggler surprises Punk with the roll up, but Punk counters once again for a pin attempt. Laurinaitis finally gets the ref back in the ring, when Punk swings around while hoisting Ziggler for the GTS and hits Laurinaitis, sending him outside of the ring.

Punk yet again attempts to hit Ziggler with the GTS, Ziggler counters with the Zig-Zag for the two count. Ziggler tries once again with the Zig-Zag on Punk, and Punk counters with one more GTS.  The referee counts, and Laurinaitis runs in to assist in the counting process.  Punk gets the three count and the win.

Comments: This was a great match, Ziggler and Punk put on a great show.  Although there was a lot of silliness, and too many spots that involved Laurinaitis.

And now what we all have been waiting for, the Royal Rumble Match.  The match will be broken down by order of entries and who was eliminated during the match.

Sheamus wins the 30-man over-the-top Royal Rumble Match

No. 1 – The Miz

No. 2 – Alex Riley

No. 3 – R-Truth

photo: wwe.com
photo: wwe.com


A-RY was eliminated by The Miz


No. 4 – Cody Rhodes

No. 5 – Justin Gabriel

No. 6 – Primo

No. 7 – Mick Foley

R-Truth was eliminated by The Miz

Primo was eliminated by Mick Foley

No. 8 – Ricardo Rodriguez (Dressed as Alberto Del Rio)

Justin Gabriel was eliminated by Ricardo Rodriguez and Mick Foley

No. 9 – Santino Marella

Ricardo Rodriguez was eliminated by Santino

No. 10 – Epico

Epico was eliminated by Mick Foley

Photo: wwe.com
Photo: wwe.com


Mick Foley and Santino catered to the fans, which involved a spot with Mr. Socko and The Cobra in a showdown.

Santino was eliminated by Cody Rhodes

Mick Foley was eliminated by Cody Rhodes

No. 11 – Kofi Kingston

No.12 – Jerry “The King” Lawler

Jerry Lawler was eliminated by Cody Rhodes

No. 13 – Ezekiel Jackson

No. 14 – Jinder Mahal

No. 15 – The Great Khali

Jinder Mahal was eliminated by The Great Khali

Ezekiel Jackson was eliminated by The Great Khali

No. 16 – Hunico

No. 17 – Booker T

No. 18 – Dolph Ziggler


No. 19 - “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

Jim Duggan was eliminated by Cody Rhodes

The Great Khali and Booker T were eliminated by Cody Rhodes and Hunico

No. 20 – Michael Cole

No. 21 – Kharma

Michael Cole eliminated himself, after Kharma attacked him

No. 22 – Sheamus

Kofi Kingston was eliminated by Sheamus

No. 23 - “Road Dogg” Jesse James

No. 24 – Jey Uso

No. 25 – Jack Swagger

No. 26 – Wade Barrett

Jesse James was eliminated by Wade Barrett

No. 27 – David Otunga


No. 28 – Randy Orton

Jey Uso was eliminated by Randy Orton

Wade Barrett was eliminated by Randy Orton

No. 29 – Chris Jericho

David Otunga was eliminated by Chris Jericho

No. 30 – The Big Show

Jack Swagger was eliminated by Sheamus with some help from The Big Show when Show pulled Swagger off the apron

The Miz and Cody Rhodes were eliminated by The Big Show

So it's down to the final four: The Big Show, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton and Sheamus

The Big Show was eliminated by Randy Orton

Randy Orton was eliminated by Chris Jericho

Now it's one on one: Chris Jericho and Sheamus

Sheamus and Jericho fought hard back and forth for the next few minutes, but Sheamus hits Jericho with the Brogue Kick when Jericho climbed back up on the apron.  Jericho falls hard to the ground, and your winner of the WWE 2012 Royal Rumble: Sheamus.

Comments: This was a great Royal Rumble match,  and Sheamus is finally on his way to WrestleMania XXVIII.