St. Louis Rams' 2012 Season Won't Be Any Better Than 2011

Baily DeeterSenior Writer IIIJanuary 29, 2012

Sam Bradford expresses his disappointment during another Rams loss.
Sam Bradford expresses his disappointment during another Rams loss.Jay Drowns/Getty Images

Last year, all that stood in the way of Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams making the playoffs was a road game in Seattle. 

This year, all the Rams could muster was two wins.

St. Louis couldn't find their rhythm all year long. Despite a convincing victory over Drew Brees and the Sanits, some good performances in losses to the 49ers, Giants and Bengals, and some nice catches by Brandon Lloyd, the Rams didn't look like a playoff contender at all.

Sam Bradford, A.J. Feeley and Kellen Clemens played well at times, but not well enough to lead St. Louis to many victories. All St. Louis got was a 13-12 win in Cleveland—courtesy of a 22-yard missed field goal by Phil Dawson, and a 31-21 win over New Orleans—thanks to Drew Brees' worst game in recent memory.

Let's face it. St. Louis isn't a fun team to watch, unless your rooting for the Rams' opponent.

Is there a reason to believe that things will get better for the Rams?


The Rams will probably improve on their win total, since it's hard to have your win total shrink after winning just two games. Sam Bradford is a talented quarterback, but he likely won't have Brandon Lloyd or any monster target to throw to in 2012.

Oh, and don't forget Steven Jackson, who ran for 1,000 yards yet again.

Regardless of the talent, when you mesh these players together, it never works out for the Rams.

They've been in the NFL's worst division for a long time, but now the 49ers are becoming a legitimate contender, and the Cardinals and Seahawks are a star quarterback away from being a threat.

And, the NFC, as a whole, is tougher than ever.

There's no reason to believe things will go uphill in St. Louis. Plus, the schedule isn't supporting the Rams.

Ahead on the Rams' schedule for 2012 are San Francisco (twice), Green Bay, Chicago, Detroit, New England, the Jets, Arizona (twice), and Seattle (twice).

For a team of St. Louis' caliber, it seems all the Rams can do is win their games against Buffalo, Miami, Washington, Tampa Bay and Minnesota.

That would make the Rams 5-11 next season.

The only way St. Louis could make the playoffs is if Peyton Manning signed with the Rams, Brandon Lloyd re-signed and Steven Jackson magically transformed into the 1998 form of Terrell Davis. 

Sounds likely, doesn't it?


It will take a miracle for the Rams to win half their games, let alone make the playoffs. In the conference they're in, with the competition they're facing and the team they have, it seems impossible.

St. Louis won't have any success in 2012.