Royal Rumble 2012 Results: Kharma's Return Sets Up Epic Match vs. Beth Phoenix

T.J. McaloonContributorJanuary 30, 2012

The Divas division has gotten stagnant.  

Champion Beth Phoenix has not had a legit challenger for quite sometime. In recent matches, she’s easily defeated the former champion Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres.  

At the Rumble, the Divas had to be thrown into a big eight-women tag-team match just to get all of them onto the pay-per-view. 

However, when Kharma made her return during the Royal Rumble, it sent a shock-wave throughout the WWE Divas division that there is a force coming for Phoenix’s title. 

Could this mean that we could possibly see one of the highest anticipated female wrestling matches of all-time between Phoenix and Kharma? 

And if so, would we see it on the biggest show of the year, WrestleMania XXVIII? 

At first thought, it makes the most sense that these two would wrestle for the Divas Championship at WrestleMania. I mean, these two are the best female wrestlers in the WWE.  

However, in recent years, the WWE has regulated the Divas to being a side attraction at WrestleMania.  

They will either fight in a mix-tag match with a celebrity, like at last year’s event when Snooki from the Jersey Shore came in to fight with Trish Stratus. Or, they are thrown together in a quick three- to five-minute match where there is a one-on-one match with the rest of the Divas surrounding the ring in a lumberjill match.

Now, this year, the WWE may actually promote a female wrestling match that doesn’t need any celebrities behind it, or a lot of glitz and glamor.  

Because, if given the time, these two females can put on one heck of a match.  

Let’s just hope that they are allowed to go out there and have time to perform. And, that they are not shuffled onto the card after The Rock vs. John Cena match and before the WWE Title match between CM Punk and Sheamus or whomever.  

Instead, this year, the Divas title match could get a proper build and be a candidate for match of the night at WrestleMania XXVIII.