Atlanta Braves Offer Discounts at Concession Stands for Season-Ticket Holders

Chris StephensCorrespondent IIJanuary 29, 2012

Don't look now, but the Atlanta Braves may actually be onto something.

No, it's not a new wonder drug that will keep Chipper Jones on the field or something that will give Freddi Gonzalez more confidence in his bullpen other than Craig Kimbrel, Jonny Venters and Eric O'Flaherty.

Actually, it has something to do with the fan experience.

For any true baseball fan, going to the game isn't enough. There's the hot dogs, fries, sodas, pretzels, beers and souvenirs.

However, prices can be a bit steep for anything one wants to buy. A family of four could wind up spending at least $200 for tickets, parking, food and souvenirs. That's not exactly what many want to hear, especially in a down economy.

In response to that, and the lack of attendance (ranked 15th in MLB last year), the Braves are giving fans a 33 percent reduction in concession prices (excluding beer). But, there's a catch.

The only way to receive this discount is to buy season tickets, consisting of at least 20 games, to the Braves. The discount will apply for all food and drinks, excluding alcohol, at all fixed concession stands or through the in-seat food service.

The places where the discount won't apply is the "755 Club, Chop House, Georgia’s Own Credit Union Club or through the vendors who roam through the stands," according to a column by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's David O'Brien.

To get the discount, all season-ticket holders will have a bar code on their ticket or a seat locator that can be scanned either at the concession stand or the in-seat server.

Now, while some people may think that they have to spend more money to get this discount, in reality, they can spend less, and get to see more games.

For full-season tickets, prices range from $5,108 per ticket for the Hank Aaron seats to $370 for the Upper Pavilion seats. The rest of the full-season prices can be found here.

For half-season tickets, not all sections are available. However, the prices for those that are available are $1,927 for Club Infield, $1,697 for Field Reserved, $830 for Outfield Pavilion, $492 for Upper Box, $971 for Terrace Reserved and $1,469 for Club Reserved.

There are four 20-game plans with various prices in the Club Infield, Club Reserved, Field Reserved and Upper Box sections. The plans are aptly named after Bobby Cox (Wednesday and Saturday games), Dale Murphy (Tuesday and Friday games), Warren Spahn (weekday games highlighted by all day games) and Phil Niekro (Thursday and Sunday games). You can view prices and game dates for each plan here.

Although many fans still won't be able to afford season tickets, this can provide options for many fans.

Even if you can't make it to even the lowest level of 20 games in a season, find someone you can trust and split the tickets (just like what some season-ticket holders do). That gives you 10 games and them 10 games.

I know it's a lot of information to take in, but you have to give the Braves credit. They are the first major sports franchise to offer this deep of a discount to its season-ticket holders.

For that, the Braves are heading in the right direction in terms of providing for their fan base.