New York Yankees: Who Will DH in Pinstripes?

Andrew BurtonCorrespondent IIIJanuary 29, 2012

New York Yankees: Who Will DH in Pinstripes?

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    The Yankees have accomplished the goal they set during the offseason—with the signing of Hiroki Kuroda and the acquisition of Michael Pineda—of building a quality starting rotation.  Now, New York has their eyes on adding a bat to the lineup, similar to the one they lost in trading away Jesus Montero.

    The question I am going to pose here is which former Yankee would you rather see in pinstripes in 2012? Rumors circulated that general Brian Cashman could try to bring back either Johnny Damon or Hideki Matsui, if they price is right.

Johnny Damon

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    Johnny Damon was a fan favorite from the moment he stepped into Yankee Stadium.  Leaving the Red Sox made it that much sweeter for the fans when he came over in 2006. In Damon's four years in pinstripes, he appeared in 576 games, where he had 636 hits. Out of those 636 hits, 77 of them were home runs.  The lefty also managed to drive in 296 runs.  

    While with Tampa last year, Damon hit .261.  Although that's not the greatest average, you can assume in Yankee Stadium that average would go up.  If Damon does not let his pride come in the way, he could be a great fit to the Yankee lineup, and if he has a solid year, it would make sense to bring him back for another year so he could achieve the 3,000 hits milestone in a Yankee uniform. 

Hideki Matsui

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    Bringing back the 2009 World Series MVP would be certainly touch a soft spot in the hearts of Yankee fans.  Hideki Matsui spent seven years with New York.  In a Yankee uniform, Matsui had a .292 batting average, and he hammered 140 home runs.  He suffered from an injured wrist, and the Yankees' office believed he would never be the same. 

     Financially, Matsui could come to New York for a bargain contract.  Last year with Oakland, Matsui batted .251 and only hit 12 home runs.  In the DH spot that he was so comfortable in during that 2009 championship run, Matsui would fill the stadium with the Godzilla fan posters, and push the Yankees to World Series win No. 28.

Still Questionable?

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    With that being said, who would you want to bring back to the Bronx lineup?  Would you prefer to have the former Johnny Damon, who demanded more money from New York and left unsatisfied? Would you prefer the player formally known as "Godzilla?" Would you take a different route, and explore other options?  Rumors said that Brian Cashman has contacted Raul Ibanez about filling the role.  As fans, we need answers, and we want them now!