2012 NFL Draft: Why the Choice Between Andrew Luck and RG3 Is Still a Coin Toss

Scotty McGrawCorrespondent IIIJanuary 29, 2012

Peyton Manning looking onto the field in a Colts game
Peyton Manning looking onto the field in a Colts gameJoe Robbins/Getty Images

In the 2012 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts earned the first pick overall. With the likely departure of legendary quarterback Peyton Manning, Indy will certainly be looking for his replacement.

The draft has always been the primary way to rebuild a team and develop a nucleus. In this year's draft, two illustrious quarterbacks have caught the NFL's eye.

Stanford QB Andrew Luck and Baylor QB Robert Griffin III are undoubtedly the draft's best signal-callers. Luck is frequently regarded as a once-in-a-decade prospect, and was nothing short of phenomenal while playing for the Cardinal. RG3 is a dual-threat QB who can beat you via the air or the ground. However, Griffin's speed regularly overshadows his pinpoint passing in scouting reports and highlight reels.

The Colts are faced with a franchise-changing decision that is going to alter their future immensely.

Luck has the edge in the air game and is mobile, but Griffin is a great passer and is lightning fast. Both are athletic, smart and would improve the Colts offense drastically.

But Luck and RG3 star in different offenses: Luck fits best in a standard pro-style scheme, while Griffin functions the best in a spread, shotgun-oriented scheme. The Colts would have to alter their system quite a bit to make way for RG3 if they draft him.

Luck resembles Peyton Manning far more than Griffin does. Luck is picture perfect for their current system. He can drop back and throw beautiful passes on time and on target.

Griffin would need to change his style just a little to fit into their system even if the Colts change their offense. However, Griffin is a very smart player with incredible instincts, and would adapt and gel into the Colts' system.

Luck and Griffin would both be great picks, but if I were in Jim Irsay's shoes I would have to select Luck. Griffin has tremendous accuracy, athleticism and knowledge, but Luck is more of an NFL quarterback and the Colts could keep their same offensive philosophy.