UFC on FOX 2 Results: Why Chael Sonnen Won the Fight Without Question

G DAnalyst IIIJanuary 29, 2012


When the music came on and the lights dimmed low, those in attendance at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois anxiously awaited the arrival of the UFC's most outspoken man, Chael Sonnen.

Sonnen paced towards the Octagon to stand across from his fellow middleweight Michael Bisping for an opportunity to earn the No.1 contender's spot.

After the two touched gloves, Sonnen and Bisping engaged in a stand-up battle that would eventually lead to action being pressed up against the cage.

Sonnen would connect on two takedowns, placing Bisping on his back.

However, "The Count" would escape and return to his feet, but Sonnen had already captured the points he needed to steal away the first frame.

When Round 2 began, it was once again Sonnen who was the aggressor.

Bisping overrode a tight clinch, pushing his opponent up against the cage, but failed to capitalize on any opportunity.

Meanwhile, UFC's color commentator Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg believed Bisping to be controlling the fight.

But, there was a reason why Bisping and Sonnen were brought to the middle of the Octagon for a fresh start as the Britain native wasn't doing much of anything against in his position.

Bisping's game plan worked, as he stole two of the three judge's scorecards as they approached the third and final round.

Round 3 was by far the most dominating round for Sonnen as he placed Bisping on his back, not allowing his opponent to return to his feet.

Bisping would score a late, mediocre takedown, but it was too late as Sonnen had clearly won the third frame as they awaited the judge's scorecards.

According to UFC.com, not only did Sonnen out-strike Bisping 40-30, but he took him down four times to Bisping's one.

In fact, Sonnen's four takedowns in three rounds were more than his three takedowns against Silva in a bout that lasted five rounds.

While controversy was certainly filling the air in Chicago following their co-main-event bout, it was Sonnen who was rightfully declared victorious via unanimous decision.


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