Every MLB Team's Least Charismatic Pitcher

Zak SchmollAnalyst IJanuary 31, 2012

Every MLB Team's Least Charismatic Pitcher

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    Charisma makes us remember pitchers.

    Think about Brian Wilson. Sure, he is a dominant closer, but he is mostly known for his presence on the mound.

    Historically, why do we remember Jose Lima? Of course, we remember him for Lima Time.

    Not every pitcher has this type of enthusiasm or charisma however. In fact, some pitchers have almost no charisma.

    Let's celebrate these pitchers. These are guys who simply go out and get the job done in the most matter-of-fact way possible. You will notice that all of these guys are composed, don't get rattled and avoid excessive celebration.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Ian Kennedy

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    Even when he strikes out opposing hitters, Ian Kennedy doesn't get too excited. Watch for that in the video. He is simply a cool customer who dominated from the mound last season.

    He doesn't make it look like a big deal, but he got the job done better than almost everyone in baseball.

Atlanta Braves: Jonny Venters

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    In the video on the left, Jonny Venters is being interviewed about being named to the All-Star game. You would assume from his tone that they were asking him something as ordinary as how to spell his name. I was surprised that he even smiled at the end.

    He seems like a mellow guy with a cannon for an arm.

Baltimore Orioles: Jake Arrieta

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    Jake Arrieta made pitching seven shutout innings sound like something that happened every day. Of course, he did have a relatively solid sophomore campaign, but the point remains that maybe a performance of that caliber deserves a smile.

    Just saying...

Boston Red Sox: Jon Lester

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    Jon Lester has overcome a lot in his life to become the great pitcher that we know today.

    Watch this video of him finishing off a strikeout. There is virtually no reaction. This strikeout is essentially business as usual.

    Granted, I realize this is from Spring Training, but I would be excited if I struck out any professional player.

Chicago Cubs: Carlos Marmol

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    Carlos Marmol has developed into a pretty good closer for the Chicago Cubs. As he strikes out Buster Posey in the accompanying video, notice that he just circled around like it was just another pitch.

    He seems to be a pretty laid-back closer compared to most of the rest I have seen.

Chicago White Sox: Gavin Floyd

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    Gavin Floyd was apparently not too nervous during this interview. He explains exactly how he did well by getting outs in his relatively mellow voice. Makes sense to me.

    Again, I think I would be a little more excited after pitching well.

Cincinnati Reds: Mat Latos

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    Mat Latos makes it sound so simple.

    How do you follow up a great campaign? Progress. No problem with that.

    The Cincinnati Reds are hoping that it really is that easy for the newly acquired ace. He is soft-spoken but direct and doesn't mess around.

Cleveland Indians: Derek Lowe

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    I know that this video of Derek Lowe is a bit dated and displayed a bit more emotion than I normally have included. However, when you consider that he was pitching extraordinarily well in one of the most momentous games in postseason history, I think that he was relatively restrained and demonstrated his mellow demeanor.

Colorado Rockies: Jorge de la Rosa

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    This video of Jorge de la Rosa is a little bit different than the other videos I have been providing you with because it is a series of stills.

    However, notice that his face really doesn't change much. He seems to get in his zone for the game and remain there.

Detroit Tigers: Doug Fister

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    Doug Fister seems very relaxed in this interview, and he appeared very humble. He didn't draw attention to himself, he didn't brag and he definitely didn't try to downplay competition.

    He sounded prepared without any bravado. That is what this list is about.

Houston Astros: J.A. Happ

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    I know that the video I have given you of J.A. Happ is not necessarily great, but his reaction is. He just finished off a complete game, and you would assume that it is simply another strikeout by his reaction.

    He is definitely cool and composed.

Kansas City Royals: Joakim Soria

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    The video of Joakim Soria on the left looks like the same video being played over and over again.

    Whenever he finishes a game (which happens quite a bit), he doesn't even pump his fist. He shakes his catcher's hand and that is it. Not much charisma there.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Dan Haren

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    Dan Haren must be used to winning by now. Why else would he not be more excited about shutting out the Yankees?

    His team looks so much more excited than he does in this video. Maybe that's what happens when you become a great pitcher.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw

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    This video is from 2008, and you need to fast forward to the end to see Clayton Kershaw's reaction to his first ever strikeout. There isn't much to see.

    Of course, it was very early in the game, so he probably didn't want to get too excited and ruin his concentration, but he could've at least given a little more reaction.

Miami Marlins: Randy Choate

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    Randy Choate has become a strong left-handed specialist. However, it is kind of ironic to hear him talk about all of the adrenaline that was pumping in a monotone voice.

    Shouldn't be adrenaline make you a little more excited?

Milwaukee Brewers: Zack Greinke

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    You'd think that after Zack Greinke expressed how frustrating his injury had been, he would get a little more excited when he was asked how long until he came back.

    Nope, his expression didn't necessarily change, but I am sure that he was thrilled on the inside. He just chose not to show it.

Minnesota Twins: Francisco Liriano

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    I think that the person filming Francisco Liriano's no-hitter on TV is more excited than Liriano himself is.

    Sure, he smiled, but that is nothing compared to most players when they finish off one of the rarest feats in baseball.

New York Mets: Johan Santana

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    Johan Santana has definitely seen peaks and valleys during his career. Maybe that is why he had such a stable personality during this interview.

    On a personal note, I hope that this goes a lot better for him. He deserves it.

New York Yankees: Michael Pineda

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    Michael Pineda came to the New York Yankees in a blockbuster prospect swap. If he is as relaxed in public as he is on the mound, he should be able to handle the intensity of the New York spotlight.

    Another day, another strikeout...

Oakland Athletics: Neil Wagner

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    Neil Wagner might be a relative unknown, but he seems to have a solid grasp of his emotions in this video from the minor leagues. Even in following balls that were hit pretty hard, he has a grasp on his emotions.

    For a young player, I could not find video of him appearing rattled or unsettled.

Philadelphia Phillies: Cliff Lee

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    I know that you already predicted this one because of my opening image, but Cliff Lee is cool under pressure.

    I couldn't find a good video of it, but if you set this video to 1:15, you will see an image of a very nonchalant catch made in the 2009 World Series.

    He didn't even try to make it look fancy; it was effortless with no charisma just like he always is. He just always gets the job done.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Kevin Correia

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    Kevin Correia was giving a Spring Training interview in this video. Normally, guys are more relaxed during Spring Training and a more lighthearted. Correia seems mellow all of the time.

    He is, of course, a professional, but he is very relaxed.

San Diego Padres: Clayton Richard

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    Clayton Richard is the only guy I have seen so far while writing this article who talks about having fun without smiling. He had a great performance, so I definitely think that smiling could be in order.

    However, some people are serious. Richard is obviously one of them.

San Francisco Giants: Ryan Vogelsong

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    Ryan Vogelsong was the best comeback story of last season. If you want to hear that story, check out this video. For our purposes, this video illustrates how relaxed is about the whole thing.

    Obviously, this could be a very emotional video, but he showed great composure and strength, if not emotion.

Seattle Mariners: Felix Hernandez

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    Felix Hernandez makes every strikeout the same. The batter swings, misses and Hernandez walks off the mound with a straight face.

    Again, maybe he has become used to this feeling of striking someone out that it becomes run-of-the-mill, but he is still very professional about it.

St. Louis Cardinals: Chris Carpenter

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    Chris Carpenter could have taken a shot back at Nyjer Morgan. However, he kept his cool and answered in a great fashion.

    While I am pointing this out because it was not the most charismatic answer he could have given, I want to give him credit. That is class.

Tampa Bay Rays: Jeremy Hellickson

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    Jeremy Hellickson did an amazing job in his first full professional season. Part of the reason for that is probably because of his lack of charisma and excellent composure. Every strikeout looked the same, and he didn't seem to get too rattled.

    He has great things in his future.

Texas Rangers: Mike Adams

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    Mike Adams is giving what should be a very informal interview. However, he has a very serious and composed personality.

    Perhaps that is the type of personality that is needed to be on the mound at the end of the game.

Toronto Blue Jays: Casey Janssen

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    Casey Janssen made a beautiful play in this video. However, from the expression on his face, you would think that that was the easiest play in the world.

    All the excitement was definitely on the inside, but that is what we're celebrating in this slideshow.

Washington Nationals: Chien-Ming Wang

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    Chien-Ming Wang had a two-year respite from baseball as he was recovering from injury. However, when he was giving this interview after his first rehab start, he made it seem like has been two days.

    Obviously, he was excited, but there really wasn't a lot of charisma in that response.