Royal Rumble 2012: Chris Jericho Will Continue to Torture Fans

Tom KinslowFeatured ColumnistJanuary 29, 2012

If you thought Chris Jericho's first public comments on Monday night would be the end of his slow-burning heel turn, you're sadly mistaken.

Since his much-awaited return to the WWE, Jericho has decided that he's going to tease fans by appearing to get involved like every other superstar in the company, only to avoid doing much of anything at all.

Despite playing a major part in the Royal Rumble, Y2J is doing to disappoint once more.

It may be tough to grasp, but don't be shocked if Jericho eliminates himself from one of the biggest events on the company calendar.

No, I don't have any inside information to base that claim, but it's just a hunch after seeing Jericho go about his business the past few weeks. Just when it seems like he's going to go back to his normal self, Y2J backs out to a chorus of boos and confused faces.

Nothing would be a bigger shock than having a chance to go to WrestleMania, calmly stepping over the top rope and hopping down to the floor.

It would cement his heel turn and infuriate fans everywhere, and makes a ton of sense with the way the creative team has been building Jericho up. If he were to all of a sudden make a tough push for the title match at WrestleMania, it would have been a waste of valuable air time all these weeks, frustrating everyone further.

With the creative team focusing on these longer, more elaborate angles, it only makes sense for Jericho to disappoint everyone by trolling the Royal Rumble by eliminating himself after running down to the ring, seemingly ready to take on the rest of the locker room.

One way or another, Jericho is going to continue to frustrate his fans with his bizarre behavior. Don't be shocked if he doesn't even break a sweat doing it.

Y2J wouldn't have it any other way. Come Monday night, we'll be looking for answers.