John Cena: The Best Good Guy / Bad Guy in the WWE

Nick SignorelliSenior Writer IJanuary 28, 2012

Though I don't write a lot of articles in the WWE section of BR, I certainly read almost all of them that are published.  Most of you are better at it than me, so I would rather read yours.

It is only when there are topics that seem to be hitting people in the face, and they don't get it, that I feel the need to write.

And I think that is what is happening here.

I was reading another Royal Rumble article, that stated that John Cena was NOT turning heel at the Rumble.  And, in the comments, there are so many varying opinions, I feel the need to come here and clear this up for everyone.

For starters, let's look at the character of John Cena.  Nice guy.  Likes to laugh.  Loves the kids.  Wears the RIDICULOUS Fruity Pebbles color shirts.

People over the age of 30 HATE John Cena.  Not because of his limited skill set, or because he is nice to the kids.  They hate him because of what he represents.  He represents the DEATH of the Attitude era.  The Era of wrestling that my generation look at as the best there ever was.

Kids LOVE John Cena.  He gives the message that the "good guy" can overcome any adversity, simply by never giving up.  Never surrender.  Give it everything you have.

JUST LIKE, Hulk Hogan, 1980's. 

For those of you that don't remember, Hulk Hogan really WAS un-beatable.  EVER!  The man went through everyone.  If you think Cena is amazing, you should have seen Hogan.


That being said, the kids, especially those that are in REAL fights for their lives, with cancer, or other diseases that will likely take their lives while they are still very young, have a man in Cena that they look up to. 

Cena is the most requested celebrity (NOT WRESTLER - CELEBRITY) to Make A Wish, which gives these kids who are dying a chance to meet a celebrity while still here.  He visits around 200 different kids per year doing this.  More than double any other celebrity.


Now, there are three parts that make up a wrestler.

1 - Mic Skills.  For YEARS, this was second on the list, as it should be, but lately it seems like talking in wrestling, is actually more important than what you can do in the ring.

2 - Ability.  Yes, you need to be able to hold your own in the ring.

3 - Crowd Reactions.  Neither of the top two mean ANYTHING if you can't get the crowd into your character.

Lets look at how Cena rates.


Mic Skills

Though I am not a Cena mark, by any means, the man CAN be entertaining on the mic.  Especially when he is with someone that is as good as him.  Personally, the Cena / Rock segments I find fantastic.  If Cena wasn't the PG role in this battle, I think he would be even better.



Yes, Cena needs A LOT of work, and will NEVER be confused for someone like Kurt Angle.  Cena CAN take a pounding.  But, Just like Hogan of the 80's, Cena has a limited skill set, but it is the way that he comes back from being pounded, to some how make the recovery and get the win.

Though he is not the greatest performer, he still carries his role.  He SHOULD learn some new moves, but that is for another article.


Crowd Reaction

THIS, is where Cena becomes the King. For some reason, it almost seems like people think because they chant "Cena Sucks" that this is somehow hurting the Cena character.  And this is where the misconception that Cena is turning heel comes into play.

If anyone REALLY thinks that by chanting "Cena Sucks" they are going to convince Vince McMahon to turn Cena heel, they don't understand wrestling.  Remember, Vince didn't turn Hogan to the NWO, that was WCW.  All they did was give him another shirt to sell, and more money to make.

The job of a wrestler, face or heel, is to get the people that paid to go to the show, to stand up and scream.  They don't care what you scream, or who you scream at. If you are sitting, being quiet, you are bored.  If you are standing and yelling, then you are doing EXACTLY what they want you to do.

What is happening to Cena, is he is getting a character adjustment. What the WWE is TRYING to do, is give us a Cena that both the kids will love, and the Attitude Era fans can respect.  As pointed out in the comments of MANY articles, you are not going to turn Cena heel against a heel.

Kane is bringing out a side of Cena that is going to be destructive, and more often.  Of all the Cena haters out there, when Cena was tearing into Jack Swagger a couple weeks ago, what was your thought? 

Mine was, THIS is how Cena needs to be.

Either way, it appears, at least to me, that the WWE feels for us older fans, and want to at least TRY to get us on board with the face of the company.  That is why Wrestle Mania is going to be the biggest day of John Cena's career.

He will either give us the best show ever at a WrestleMania, against the man that personified the Attitude Era, or he will become even more hated by the fans of that era.  

What the WWE is TRYING to do, is give Cena some ATTITUDE, while at the same time, keeping him rated PG.  Vince is trying to have the best of both worlds.

But, if you think that Vince is going to kill the cash cow that is John Cena, then you are mistaken.