TNA News: Jeff Hardy Praised for His Backstage Behaviour in TNA

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TNA News: Jeff Hardy Praised for His Backstage Behaviour in TNA
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Has anyone been wondering how troubled star Jeff Hardy has been getting on in backstage since he returned to TNA screens last September?

Hardy, of course, had been banished from the company six months previously after the Victory Road calamity, which saw the former WWE star show up for his main event match with Sting in no condition to perform in what has now become one of the most infamous and embarrassing incidents in TNA's history.

Since Hardy re-emerged in TNA, his past mistakes have been acknowledged and exploited on television, as he has played the role of the remorseful babyface character trying to earn his redemption.

In what may have been the company's way of attempting to get him to atone for his sins, he was on the receiving end of some work/shoot promos from his co-workers regarding his behaviour, notably this scathing promo from a furious AJ Styles who blasted Hardy for his selfish and outrageous behaviour.  

How real was this? Well, either AJ was being totally legitimate and truthful in expressing his feelings or he's the greatest actor ever (and anyone who watches his promos on a regular basis can tell you he's certainly not an Oscar-winning thespian).

Of course, per the storylines, Hardy has overcome all the hurdles placed in front of him and worked extremely hard to redeem himself and regained the respect of the locker room,with most in the company now anxious to see him snatch the belt from the heel Robert Roode. 

But has this happened in real life? Well, according to Dave Meltzer in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the star has impressed people backstage since he came back, leading many to believe he has genuinely turned over a new leaf

People have been heavily praising Jeff Hardy, in the sense that he has been clear headed 100 percent of the time on this run and while he's not the same in the ring because of injuries, it's like he's a different person. 

However, Meltzer also points out that several people are still cynical about the chances of this new, improved Hardy lasting, citing how often troubled stars fall off the wagon in wrestling:  

A lot of people are skeptical, because the number of times someone with bad drug issues from the past is said to have cleaned himself is many. The number of times in this business that it's true is a small percentage of those times, so whenever you hear that the response is to be skeptical. And the percentages are greatly on your side.

Regardless, it seems possible, maybe even likely, that the combination of new fatherhood (Hardy has a young daughter), his strict probation terms stemming from his drug trial, and the pill- and alcohol-related struggles of his brother Matt Hardy might have forced "The Charismatic Enigma" to get his act together. 

Here's hoping it can last. 

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