WWE: Why the Be a Star Is Significant and Why WWE Is Right for Co-Creating It

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIFebruary 11, 2012

We as wrestling fans have an tendency to be critical about the WWE in various ways.

It's either a storyline that ended too soon or lasted too long, a wrestler not being pushed or being pushed too fast. Creative being lousy and too predicable.

The list of complaints can go on forever, as we can always find something to criticize the WWE about.

In my opinion, the Be a Star Alliance is one of the few things in regards to the WWE we should never complain about.

It may seem hypocritical for a wrestling promotion whose storylines are centered around wrestlers bullying, harassing and physically harming wrestlers. Some would even claim the WWE only co-created Be a Star to benefit Linda McMahon due to her involvement in politics. 

Regardless of the hypocrisy and apparent political motivation, the Be a Star Alliance is beneficial to all the young WWE fans.

It's common knowledge that the WWE's main demographic is children, and naturally many would view the WWE Superstars and Divas as role models. Most of us who watched wrestling as a kid must have considered their favorite stars as heroes in a sense. 

The news is always reporting another homosexual teenager committing suicide or a YouTube video popping up showing someone getting beaten down. I bet in high school you all had the pregnant teens being talked about in a negative way.

The WWE is attempting to bring awareness of bullying and to teach children and hopefully teens to be more kind, caring and more sensitive individuals.    

I'll utilize the Allport's Scale as a way to show you how bullying can lead to some very frightening avenues. It's simply does not jump from name-calling to suicide, as there really is a sickening system being implemented that is ingrained into society. Most of the times, bullies don't consciously know that they're using a system that is scarily effective.

Historically the five steps of Allport's Scale can be seen in Hitler's Germany when they implemented the Holocaust. Hitler planned the whole Holocaust from start to finish, and that it was within a decade is mind-numbingly horrifying. The fact that it can be applied to a level of a bullying some other kid is disturbing.

I'll just focus on bullies bulling a student/kid, as that's what Be a Star alliance is essentially focusing on. Yet, I'll state one or two brief example from history to show that it goes beyond bullying in the classroom.

Antilocution: In layman's terms it's name calling and words are powerful things that can make or break anyone. Derogatory speech such as calling someone "gay", "retard", "Wop" and many more damaging words that I can't bring myself to type.

The purpose of name calling is to make the individual feel less significant by stripping them of their true identity and to harm their self-esteem.

Having a bully say something like this: "You're nothing to me as you're just some retard who does nothing but run and cry back to mommy and daddy!" might seem like nothing but to hear that every day can be painful for the victim.

If you're part of a minority, then ethic slurs can be thrown around like nothing and severally impacts the self-esteem in a negative and major way.

Most of all antilocution opens of doors to where harmful forms of prejudice can and will occur.

Avoidance: Avoiding one individual or a minority group is just as powerful as words thrown to break down someone's self-esteem. The effects of isolation can make a child or teenager feel utterly alone and unwanted.

Let's say there is a student at school who is a homosexual is avoided by almost all of his classmates just because of his/her sexual orientation, or a teenage girl is called a whore and is avoided all because she is pregnant are just two of the many scenarios where avoidance can be found.   

Historically we can see avoidance be applied with the Jewish people being put into ghettos or segregation in America. Exclusion from society in regards to almost any minority and/or in school where kids will exclude another from a friendship or social outing furthers cripples the self-esteem. 

Discrimination: Basically vandalism, the burning of property or violent attacks on someone physically denying them equal access to opportunities and this can be applied anywhere!

Maybe in school two lesbians can't be prom king and queen or someone whose heritage is Mexican is denied a political class election. Outside of school, maybe a teenager is denied a job as a cashier because of the color of their skin.

I don't think I need to point out discrimination out in a historical sense as I believe everyone has either seen clear examples of discrimination through out history or experienced it firsthand themselves.

Physical Attack: Now we've reach a point where everything was verbal has now moved to the stage of physical abuse. Vandalism, the burning of property or violent attacks on someone’s physical body is just a few things a physical attack can be.

A bully intimidated the victim enough to where he can shove him around and escalate into a one-sided fight. To get a beat down just because of your sexual orientation, color of your skin or your standing in society is wrong.

Physically attacking someone can shatter whatever is left of their self-esteem and pushes them in a place so dark that they fall into this hole that might swallow them whole forever. Historically speaking we all can cherry-pick moments where beatings on any minority is evident and crystal clear. 


Extermination: Depending on the situation, extermination might need to be broadened. A student in a school being bullied non-stop by one or more individuals and being physically attacked to the breaking point where their self-esteem is nonexistent and they considered suicide.

If a person is abused enough both physically and mentally, then they most likely will off themselves as hearing they are worthless or nothing can eat away inside to a devastating effect. The feeling of isolation just makes the whole situation worse.

Historically all I have to do is point to the Holocaust, American lynchings and Indian Wars to remove the Native Americans. You can look back hundreds to thousands of years of mankind's history and you'll see shades of Allport's Scale to various and equally devastating ways.

After going through the Allport's Scale, you must now recognized the importance of Be a Star Alliance as they are essentially bringing awareness to the dangers of bullying and preventing future suicides that we've been seeing way too much of in the news.

Having WWE Superstars and Divas encouraging children to be more kind, generous and peaceful to others is a positive message that future, and today's generation of children need to be reminded of every day!

Forget the hypocritical aspects of WWE's storylines or whining about how we need the second the attitude era as Be a Star Alliance transcends all that.

WWE fans who are parents must be happy to know that the WWE are actually having a positive role in their children lives with their cry against bullying and being role models to their children.

Having wrestlers like The Miz, Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Natalya and CM Punk speaking out against bullying will help kids not be bullies and defend a victim from a bully.

If you don't have children yet, then imagine that you do and think about the fact that today's WWE is helping kids from being bullies rather than trying to be edgy like back in the days of the attitude era.

Be a Star Alliance is something we as fans should encourage the WWE to continue as it's something helping our children for the better.