Pittsburgh Penguins: 5 Best Jerseys in Team History

Andrew Pregler@ACPreglerContributor IIIJanuary 27, 2012

Pittsburgh Penguins: 5 Best Jerseys in Team History

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    With the Winter Classic, the Pittsburgh Penguins have shown off the pre-black-and-gold days with their two new sweaters showcasing teams of the past. 

    What many fans did not know about the Pens was that they, unlike their football city counterparts, had a lot of different jersey changes as the game changed and the team's identity evolved. 

    After spending time on the Internet, I found the five jerseys that Pens have worn as a team that put the rest to shame—some for their sentimental value, others for how sweet those sweaters were.

5. 1925 Pirates

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    Just kidding. This may be the ugliest of every hockey jersey ever worn. I dare you to find something uglier. But this jersey and team played a huge role in Penguins history.

    When the Penguins wanted to change their team colors (which would change the jerseys) from blue and navy to black and gold, the Boston Bruins opposed this, saying those colors were their trademark. As an Original Six team, they felt they had the colors first. 

    However, the Penguins pulled this relic from the closet (metaphorically speaking) and proved that they had been the original owners of the black-and-yellow combination. Thus, the NHL allowed the drastic change for the Pens. 

4. 1968/2008 Winter Classic

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    This jersey was donned by the Penguins twice during their history and looked good in both eras of hockey. 

    The Winter Classic remake does the strings a little differently with the NHL logo in the center but aside from those two minor details, the sweater is the exact same. 

    The Penguins circle logo actually looks really good and the baby blue with a navy circle looks much better than sticking the logo on a blue base like what was done in the early '70s.

    The jersey is a little simple in terms of design but that is why it is so good—it is a clean design with the detail in the logo, the way a jersey should be. The whole thing really does look like snow of the Arctic...which is where Penguins live.  

3. 2007 Black Home

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    The current Penguins uniforms are not too shabby in the history of the team. At least, comparatively, the "modern" look is much better than the old "modern" look of the '90s. 

    For the first time, the Reebok Edge jerseys made hockey players look slim as compared to the big bulky sweaters of years past. The metallic gold may not be the color Pittsburgh is used to wearing but it still works well in the center logo.

    I love the arm designs of the Pens jerseys here. The black-gold-white pattern is slick, especially with the elongated black shoulders so the numbers stand out on the arms. Overall, a solid jersey. 

2. 1967 Blue Away

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    The picture may not be flattering, but looking at this sweater on the Pens' official site makes you wonder why this has yet to be done as a throwback. 

    I have always been a fan of the NY Rangers' style of diagonal lettering and the Pens tried it out for a bit with black and gold, but honestly, it does not look half as good as this.

    The baby blue color may not be intimidating but it's like the powder blue of San Diego: It just looks good. The navy accents on the lettering, stripes and wrist seal the deal on this classic that would look great even in today's game. 

1. 1992 Black-and-Gold Away

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    It's a Pittsburgh staple. The flags are these colors. Every sports team in the city shares these colors. And on the Pens, the black and gold Super Mario wore made the Pens look great.

    The gold color really makes the Pens logo stand out in the center as the "golden triangle" centers up the modern Penguin. While the dip in the shoulders may be a bit off, the overall feel of this sweater screams Pittsburgh and is much better than the all-gold alternates worn a decade before.

    The consistent black-and-white stripes on the arms and waist are a hockey tradition of classic jerseys and overall, this is the one jersey I wish the Pens would bring back for just one game against the Philadelphia Flyers

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