Top Tweets from the 2012 NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft

NHLPAContributor IIIJanuary 27, 2012

Top Tweets from the 2012 NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft

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    The 2012 NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft made headlines last night on television and in Twitterland. Many players and fans got into the tweeting frenzy during the live broadcast and the #AllStarDraft discussions became a worldwide trending topic.  

    From teammates Claude Giroux and Scott Hartnell chirping back and forth, to Logan Couture tweeting his plans for his new ride, the NHL All-Stars showed their lighter side to millions of Twitter fans.

    Here are the top tweets from draft night. 

@Hartsy19 (Scott Hartnell)

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    @Hartsy19 - "Getting a little nervous for the draft...not sure what my speech is gonna be for 1st overall. #pleasedontgolast #havingablast #1overall"

    Scott Hartnell has taken his offensive game to the next level this season. The Regina native is on pace for 43 goals this year and is a huge contributing factor to one of the top lines in the NHL, playing alongside Jaromir Jagr and Claude Giroux.

    Hartnell is having a great time in Ottawa in his first NHL All-Star Weekend. He was tweeting all during the draft and here is one of his gems.

@JLupul (Joffrey Lupul)

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    @JLupul - "I shoulda wore lifts in my shoes..."

    The Toronto Maple Leafs All-Star had a tough night at the podium dealing with the crowd which was filled with rival Senator fans who booed loudly whenever Lupul took the mic. Always in good spirits, Lupul took the time to tweet about working the podium with "Big Z," Zdeno Chara.

@28CGiroux (Claude Giroux)

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    @28CGiroux - "Glad I got pick before @Hartsy19. Hopefully he gets the car. #19lastpick"

    Claude Giroux is off to an unbelievable breakout season, which makes it no surprise that he was picked in the fourth round of the All-Star Draft. Giroux made sure teammate Scott Hartnell knew it and sent him this "supportive" tweet before Hartnell was grabbed in the 17th round.

@MMoulson (Matt Moulson)

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    @MMoulson - "That a boy @JonathanQuick32 ... Now his wife won't yell at captains for not picking him"

    Matt Moulson and Jonathon Quick root each other on, except when they are opponents. The bond goes deeper than a typical friendship, they are actually brothers-in-law.

@MGaborik10 (Marian Gaborik)

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    @MGaborik10 - "Wanted to make the draft more interesting,so I walked to the other side:)))#allstardraft"

    Before the draft, he told Henrik Lundqvist to not pick him because he wanted to "light him up" on Sunday. These New York Ranger teammates are now rivals for the 2012 All-Star Game.

    Marian Gaborik had to wait patiently in the back room to hear his name called by Team Chara. He jokingly walked to the wrong side of the stage after he was drafted and followed the joke with this tweet.

@grabs40 (Michael Grabner)

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    @grabs40 - "There you go JT..happy for you..saw you started to sweat a bit though #ifyouaintfirstyouarelast #TSN #allstardraft"

    The green room seemed to get hotter as the number of remaining players dwindled. Michael Grabner decided to use Twitter to have some fun with John Tavares as he waited, hoping not to be the last pick in the draft.

@Hartsy19 (Scott Hartnell)

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    @Hartsy19 - "Holy smokes I got picked #notlast #girouxisaluckyman @28CGiroux disappointed with @JLupul for not getting me. #keepurheadupkid"

    Scott Hartnell's Twitter bribe didnt seem to work with Joffrey Lupul before the draft. But after all, he was glad to be picked and to play along side his teammate Claude Giroux.

@tylerseguin92 (Tyler Seguin)

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    @tylerseguin92 - "The hug from z was more special. apparently im going to be tweeting in the skills comp #tsn. Get ready fellow tweetalies. #allstarweekend"

    The nerves were starting to show on Seguin as "Big Z" was holding out until the end of the draft to take him. After Seguin put on the jersey, Zdeno Chara asked if they wanted to "hug it out". Following their on-stage moment, Seguin followed with this tweet.

@Logancouture (Logan Couture)

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    @Logancouture - "Who went last? I missed the end of the draft?"

    Logan Couture was the last pick in the draft but ended up getting a brand new car. That being said, the second year San Jose Shark has been playing up to the level of an all-star all season long.

@Logancouture (Logan Couture)

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    @Logancouture - "First order of business. Pimping that Honda out"

    Fans everywhere wondered what the all-star forward would do to his new car? Suggestions may include: spinners, San Jose Sharks green paint job, or custom shark fin...