The 25 Hottest WAGs We Can't Believe Are Still with Their Man

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIJanuary 30, 2012

The 25 Hottest WAGs We Can't Believe Are Still with Their Man

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    Wealth, beauty, reputation. The main ingredients for any illustrious sports relationship.

    But as many high-profile couples scratch and claw for that extra bit of recognition, we question the motives of the sexy WAGs who steal the spotlights from their men.

    Amid possible infidelity, lack of athletic success and better on-camera opportunity, these women continue to stick by their athletes.

    While we simmer over this conundrum, let's take a look at the sexiest wives and girlfriends who we expected to be gone long ago.

    Although we're pleased to have them around.

25. Aleka Kamila

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    The next time 6'9" sweet-shooting forward Peja Stojakovic decides to hire an escort service, he might try avoiding the chattiest girl on the menu.

    We'd love to see Greek model Aleka Kamila engage in a twitter war with her competition.

24. Coleen Rooney

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    Legendary footballer Wayne Rooney certainly found a keeper in the multi-talented Coleen.

    With his adulterous past, it's curious as to how Rooney held on to such a beauty.

    She was clearly sold after he took her to see Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me on their first date.

23. Brooklyn Decker

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    Andy Roddick's affinity for excessively-arguing with referees must be taken into account when inspecting his intriguing marriage with model Brooklyn Decker. 

    Perhaps she sneaks several drops of rum into his milk and changes his diaper when necessary to keep him quiet at night.

22. Carrie Prejean

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    A former first-round pick (No. 19), Kyle Boller may have reached his potential off the field, but on it he continues to warm the cold NFL benches.

    With his wife being a former Miss California USA 2009, one might expect her to be fed up with his lack of progress.

    He's certainly not the bred winner in the family.

21. Hilary Duff

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    He may have 168 career goals, but Pittsburgh Penguins center Mike Comrie will be most remembered for marrying former Disney prodigy Hilary Duff when his career is over.

    While he's certainly not complaining, we're surprised Huff hasn't gone back to the easily-dominated Aaron Carter and his childish ways. 

    She's finally worried about her image.

20. Evelyn Lozada

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    Yet another high-profile WAG who senses an unfaithful beau... such a sad world.

    Considering Evelyn Lozada is Chad Ochocinco's sexiest career catch, he might want to hold on to her as a memento.

19. Kristin Cavallari

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    It's all about second chances for Jay Cutler.

    First he leaves the NFC Championship Game early and then he ditches his fiance at the alter, only to garner another shot with both.

    What a lucky man.

18. Kendra Wilkinson

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    An exuberant reality star who enjoys dancing in her massive backyard and an unemployed receiver, a match made in heaven.

    Although considering she went from Hugh Hefner to Hank Baskett, Kendra Wilkinson clearly isn't concerned solely with wealth.

    And for that we applaud her.

17. Patrycja Mikula

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    She may have married Polish footballer Krzysztof Król after only seven weeks of dating, but we're more concerned with the combination of names.

    It only took these two one hour to realize how rare they both were.

16. Traci Lynn Johnson

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    Once an innocent baby sitter for Tiki Barber's family, former NBC intern Traci Lynn Johnson stole the man of the house and took the sports world by storm.

    After a failed comeback from her aging husband, we expected this blond bombshell to be long gone.

15. Maria Sharapova

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    The name Sasha Vujacic just makes us want to cringe.

    A former World No. 1 tennis star, Maria Sharapova likely needed a 6'7" sidekick to lead block through the relentless paparazzi.

14. Lacey Minchew

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    We're expecting that Miss Louisiana 2009 gave boyfriend Matt Flynn an ultimatum... start or we're done. 

    While we doubt she's that viciously-unloving, Flynn's 480 yards against Detroit certainly kept his sexy partner around a bit longer.

13. Lisa Dergan Podsednik

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    A former Playboy Playmate and James Bond girl, Lisa Dergan Podsednik seems willing to try anything... even marry a mediocre baseball player.

    Ok, yes Scott Podsednik led the Majors in stolen bases in 2004 with 70. But now that he's marinating in the Phillies' minor league system, it's up to his sexy wife to keep him afloat.

12. Gabrielle Union

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    With their relationship stemming from infidelity, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade didn't seem destined to last.

    However, the Juicy rumors involving the Miami Heat star and actress Lauren London couldn't possibly hone the passion between these two lovebirds.

11. Kelsi Reich

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    Established Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Kelsi Reich meets unspectacular Buffalo Bills receiver David Nelson... not quite perfection.

    Their magical hug following Nelson's epic touchdown forced an uncomfortable silence among the confused crowd.

10. Sara Carbonero

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    After being blamed for distracting boyfriend Iker Casillas during the 2010 World Cup, most fans must've expected sexy Spanish journalist Sara Carbonero to quietly fade into the abyss.

    She hasn't gone anywhere and continues to simultaneously support her goalkeeper beau and please eager sports fans, to our pleasant surprise.

9. Gisele Bundchen

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    They may seem like the perfect couple, but after seeing her husband dance, Gisele Bundchen had to be disgusted.

    Combined with the pigtails and Ugg slippers, Tom Brady's subtle shake was slightly disturbing.

8. Heather Mitts

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    A two-time Olympic gold medalist soccer star and a journeyman backup quarterback for the St. Louis Rams... not exactly the match we dream of.

    However, it now seems like star athletes yearn for a companion who they know won't hog the spotlight.

    We'd love to see her approach the camera a bit more though.

7. Ana Ivanovic

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    With 18 tournament wins, golfer Adam Scott continues to claw his way towards illustrious girlfriend Ana Ivanovic's level.

    The former World No. 1 Serbian tennis star clearly found her ideal gentleman.

    Rich, famous and, of course, a bit less talented than her... Perfection.

6. Danielle Lloyd

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    Considering her list already includes relationships with Teddy Sheringham, Marcus Bent and Jermain Defoe, it's baffling as to how she's stuck around with English footballer Jamie O'Hara for so long.

    After recently having two children, former Miss England Danielle Lloyd now seems glued to her mother role.

    Her offspring may want to avoid the provocative Internet for a few centuries to avoid future therapy.

5. Jennifer Walcott

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    In seven unmemorable seasons, NFL safety Adam Archuleta amassed 530 tackles, 18 sacks and four interceptions.

    But among his lacking credentials was one huge play that has continuously kept him relevant.

    Former Playboy Playmate of the Month Jennifer Walcott always keeps us checking in.

4. Irina Shayk

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    With a list of conquests that puts his soccer resume to shame, we rarely expect Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo to stay around one girl for more than several hours.

    We are pleasantly surprised by Russian model Irina Shayk's obvious influence on the sports world.

3. Elisha Cuthbert

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    While he may be a stellar NHL defenseman and a model citizen, Dion Phaneuf can't possibly have time for the hectic lifestyle of his beautiful, yet controversial girlfriend.

    We're somewhat surprised she's even remained in the chilly hockey realm in search of love for this long.

2. Adriana Lima

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    What once seemed like the perfect relationship, between a Victoria's Secret Angel (since 2000) and promising NBA guard, never came to fruition like fans expected.

    Don't misunderstand, these two have been happily married since 2008.

    However, with her husband back in Serbia to play ball, it seems like Adriana Lima is the only reason we even remember Marko Jaric's name.

1. Abbey Clancy

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    We're not sure whether to shake our heads at English footballer Peter Crouch for receiving sexual acts from a 19-year-old stripper in the back of a cab or beauty Abbey Clancy for keeping him around afterwards.

    This established model isn't just another notch on the old belt.