Memo to Thomas Jones: Good For You

John FalcettaSenior Analyst IJanuary 5, 2009

What a difference a month makes.

The Jets were flying high. There was even talk of an all New Jersey Super Bowl.

Then the inevitable let down.

Now they have fired their coach and the sniping from the locker room has begun.

Thomas Jones, who has been a class guy his whole career spoke from his heart when he threw Brett Favre under the bus last week. He took alot of heat for doing so.

He was also correct.

Jones unlike an anonymous coward teamate aired his grievance publicly. He also put his name to it. That took guts.

The media, which has mostly drooled over the almighty Favre has already hammered Jones for daring to speak against the great one.

How Predictable.

I will agree with one point that he should have gone up to Brett Favre face to face and spoke to him. My question is how do we know he did not try to do just that? We do not.

I am not going to use this space to slam on Brett Favre. Again. Not comepletly anyway.

The Jets collapse was not all Brett Favre's fault. Yes I said that.

The defense did not perform as well as it had all season and to Favre's defense his receivers (like Kyle Orton's) did not exactly get open with a great deal of frequency.

I respect That Thomas Jones was honest and for all the Jones bashers he was just responing to a question that was asked of him. Is that not what most of the Media wants is honest answers?

The Jets are no closer to a Super Bowl now than they were the last four decades when they last won one.

They are even interviewing college coaches for the Vacancy created by Mangini's firing. That ought to sell those PSL's.

This Franchise has been a wreck for years, long before Brett Favre showed up. To scapegoat him entirely is completely unfair.

In 2009 Thomas Jones  Will do more Bicep curls and the Jets will move forward (maybe). They still will not have a QB.

Brett Favre will probably go on to a T.V. job increasing that networks ratings by at least 20%. Then begin his countdown to Canton.

Cheer up Jets fans atleast you don't have T.O. on your team.