Jon Jones, Rashad Evans, Phil Davis: Who Holds the Advantage in 4 MMA Skills

Ron Jayson TimbangContributor IIIJanuary 27, 2012

Jon Jones, Rashad Evans, Phil Davis: Who Holds the Advantage in 4 MMA Skills

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    Rashad Evans and Phil Davis are set to fight this Saturday on UFC on Fox 2, with the winner gaining the right to face reigning UFC Light Heavyweight-champion, Jon Jones. 

    Leading to the fight, many are debating which fighter has the greater chance to top Jones. 

    Let's analyze the three in terms of these four MMA skills. 


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    Among the three, Evans probably has the best pure boxing skills.

    Jones and Davis are both great strikers themselves, but their success in that department is a result of mixing different kinds of styles. 

    Evans' head movements and angles resemble that of a skilled boxer. 

    Boxing: Evans

Muay Thai

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    It's pretty much obvious that the champion holds the advantage against the two contenders when it comes to muay thai skills. 

    In his fights in the UFC, Jones has exhibited versatility in his striking, knees, elbows, kicks, and punches to defeat his opponents. 

    Muay Thai: Jon Jones


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    Many may argue if I give the advantage here to Davis.

    Jones has more wins by submission, and Evans has a black belt in Gaidojiujitsu. But Davis has shown more versatility in his ground skills, winning three of his career fights via three kinds of submissions. 

    Submissions: Phil Davis 


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    Among the four categories, this might be the toughest to call.

    But based on wrestling accomplishments alone, it is easy to give this category to Davis. 

    Although wrestling in MMA is a lot different from pure wrestling, if the fight turns out to be a grappling match, it will all come down to who's the best wrestler. 

    Wrestling: Phil Davis 


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    Although this might come as a surprise to many, Phil Davis has the advantage among the three in terms of MMA skills.

    Off course, in determining who among them will emerge as the winner, there are other variables–experience and physical strengths.

    But if Davis turns out to be the champion this year, it would not surprise me.