Winter X Games 16 Highlights: Colten Moore Wins Gold Despite Horrific Crash

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Winter X Games 16 kicked off on Thursday night, and those who watched were given quite a show, filled with crazy stunts and some big-time crashes.

Colten Moore has only been riding a snowmobile for three years, and some thought he might be done for good after falling from such insane heights early in the competition. He landed awkwardly after a horrific crash, and few expected him to keep going.

However, Moore didn't let it get to him. He fought back to get to the finals, and ended up winning gold in the Snowmobile Freestyle event.  

As with any extreme sport, crashes are going to happen. The hope is that the athlete is OK first and foremost, but after watching some of these crashes it's hard to wonder how they get back up and compete. 

Some are far worse than others, and with the height Moore reached in this jump, this crash ranks fairly high in the worst of the worst.

Had he not been able to flip his body over it could have been much more serious. 

Moore's effort to stay in the competition and end up winning just goes to show that the athletes in the X Games are some of the best, and most competitive, in the world. 

They work very hard to get there, and they won't let anything stand in their way. 

The Snowmobile Freestyle event has been a part of the X Games for six years now, and each time somebody different has won it. 

The next event using a snowmobile in the X Games is the Snowmobile Best Trick, which will take place on Sunday. 

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