Royal Rumble 2012 Winners: Cody Rhodes and Longshot Superstars

T.J. McaloonCorrespondent IOctober 15, 2016

Any one of the 30 wrestlers who enter the 2012 Royal Rumble has a chance to survive the match and be the last man standing. However, some guys have a better shot than others. But, these wrestlers, like Cody Rhodes, despite being a long shot to pull off the upset, could win and head onto WrestleMania XXVIII. 


Cody Rhodes

Cody had his most successful year in the WWE in 2011. He saw his career take off like a firework when he won the Intercontinental Title, lost his face mask and took his heel persona to another level.  

Now, with the calendar flipping to 2012, he can start the year off on an even bigger note by winning the Royal Rumble.  

Rhodes may be a long shot to win, but you have to take into consideration that he is one of the top heels on the Smackdown. If he would win the over-the-top-rope Royal Rumble match, he would make for a great opponent for Daniel Bryan, should he be the World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania XXVIII. 



Sheamus is a former WWE Champion and a wrestler who is currently over as a fan favorite with the WWE Universe. However, if he needs to, Sheamus can flip that switch over to a heel monster who destroys everything in his path.

This ability to be able to flip between a heel and a face makes Sheamus a versatile wrestler who can enter into a feud with WWE Champ CM Punk on the Raw side. However, if the WWE does turn Daniel Bryan into a heel champion, Sheamus can be that face who goes against Bryan on the Smackdown brand.  

Sheamus is a beast in the ring and very easily could survive all the way until the end to win the Royal Rumble. 



R-Truth does as great a job of playing up the crazy wrestler gimmick as any wrestler in the history of professional wrestling. Since he has came back after a suspension, Truth has been on fire by getting over with the fans and looking great in his feud with The Miz.  

R-Truth’s victory over his former tag team partner, The Miz, on Raw last monday proved that the WWE is taking him seriously as a contender for the rumble.

If R-Truth enters the rumble match around the 20s, he could be a sleeper to win. 


These three wrestlers are not on the top of the favorites to win the 2012 Royal Rumble match. However, no one saw Alberto Del Rio coming away as the 2011 winner. So, despite being a long shot, these three wrestlers could come away victorious.