Baltimore Orioles: Pitching Prospect Dylan Bundy Reporting to Spring Training

Bill FordCorrespondent IIIJanuary 27, 2012

Right-handed pitching prospect Dylan Bundy was signed by the Baltimore Orioles last June and has been added to the 40-man roster.

He will report to spring training and begin to prepare for a chance at some playing time in the 2012 season.

Last year, Bundy’s fastball was clocked at 100 MPH on a radar gun. His pitching arsenal consists of his fastball, curveball, changeup and a cutter.

His smooth delivery led to a 0.20 ERA, 158 strikeouts in 71 innings and he went 11-0 in his senior year of high school.

Known for his intense work ethic at such a young age of 18, the Orioles decided to sign him to a major-league deal right away.

The fourth-round pick in 2011 has a great deal of hype to live up to with the Baltimore ballclub. 

Bundy certainly has the talent and the skills to make it in the major leagues, but Baltimore may be moving too quickly.

MLB is a very different world than high school baseball. Bundy has not had much of an opportunity to develop in the minor leagues.

Pushing him on the 40-man roster for the 2012 season may be too much too soon.

He will gain valuable coaching and conditioning in spring training, but he does not have any experience pitching against veteran MLB batters.

His success in high school will not translate easily into the big leagues.

His confidence level is high right now due to the hype and media recognition, but one bad outing in MLB could cause some mental destruction to his pitching.

The Orioles have moved too quickly. Bundy is incredibly talented, but he needs at least a couple of years in the minors to develop and prepare.

Baltimore had a terrible 2011 season, and it appears that they are making drastic changes in an attempt to make a difference.

They need to think in more of a long-term capacity and prepare Bundy for a couple of years down the road.