WWE News: CM Punk Blasts Ex-Girlfriend (Presumably Beth Phoenix)

Imaan Jalali@imaanjalaliFeatured ColumnistJanuary 27, 2012

CM Punk is moving on from his last relationship
CM Punk is moving on from his last relationship

In a recent interview (h/t WrestleZone) with Arizona radio station 98-KUPD, CM Punk candidly opened up about a relationship of his that came to a sour end.

Although he didn't name anyone specifically, Punk had been reportedly dating WWE diva Beth Phoenix until as late as fall 2011.

Referring to his unnamed ex-girlfriend, Punk lamented the following during the interview:

"I don't want to say I'm over women...I just ended a relationship."

"It pisses me off to watch people you love and admire become complete d*****bags...that's what it is."

"People just...flake."

"I realized it didn't matter who it was as long as someone was her boyfriend."

In retrospect, CM Punk may regret commenting on his breakup as such matters are better handled away from the media's scrutiny.

But, if the woman in question is Beth Phoenix, there's no doubt the backstage vibe is as awkward as ever for the "Straight Edge" superstar.

Ideally, one shouldn't mix business with pleasure, but when the wrestlers spend as much time traveling as they do with the divas, trysts are bound to occur. Just as likely, drama is right around the corner as soon as obstacles are encountered.

However, being the consummate professional that he is, it is unlikely Punk will allow personal issues to affect his performances on camera—even if the two might overlap.