9 WWE Divas George Clooney Should Date If He Breaks Up with Stacy Keibler

Imaan Jalali@imaanjalaliFeatured ColumnistJanuary 27, 2012

9 WWE Divas George Clooney Should Date If He Breaks Up with Stacy Keibler

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    As the entire mainstream world is aware, George Clooney is currently dating former WWE diva Stacy Keibler.

    The two are apparently a serious couple, too. They have been photographed at vacation hot spots, premieres and—most recently—The Golden Globes.

    There is no doubt that George has great taste to date the 32-year-old, 5' 11" bombshell. Her sultry figure, long legs and gorgeous smile give Mr. Clooney a sense of serenity at night knowing he did pretty well for himself.

    He's not the only one loving every minute of it, either.

    His girlfriend Stacy Keibler gets to spend valuable time with one of the most sought-after men in the world—the modern equivalent to Cary Grant—and live a fairytale lifestyle most girls only daydream about.

    Keibler is not only living the American dream, but is also seeing her own celebrity balloon to proportions most wrestlers have never experienced.

    For instance, in the post-Golden Globes issue of People magazine, Keibler's whirlwind schedule before and after the awards show is highlighted in a multi-page article.

    How many WWE superstars can say that?

    In the end, though, relationships in Hollywood fall apart as quickly as they come together. While there is a minute chance Clooney and Keibler will live happily ever after, there is a greater likelihood they will part ways.

    If that were to happen, Clooney, the eternal bachelor, shouldn't venture too far from the source that sprung Stacy Keibler.

    He should, therefore, start watching WWE programming intently to decide which current WWE diva will be his next girlfriend.

    Let's look at nine femmes fatales of the ring Clooney should ring if his relationship with Keibler goes sour.


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    Any man, especially of Clooney's stature, appreciates an exotic brunette.

    What separates A.J. from other females like her is that, apparently, she's not as high-maintenance. She's also a self-professed tomboy who loves to collect comic books and play video games.

    That is, as hot as a babe she is on the outside, it is her "masculine" interests that make her so appealing.

    As for Daniel Bryan, forget about him. If Clooney comes calling, Bryan will find himself unceremoniously abandoned—and rightly so.

    It's George Clooney, come on!

Kelly Kelly

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    Let's face it—most men can't handle someone as drop-dead gorgeous as Kelly Kelly.

    Her soft, feminine features and exquisite, tender physique are enough to scatterbrain any man.

    Very few men have the poise and collectedness to walk up to someone like Kelly Kelly without spontaneously combusting.

    George Clooney, though, is different.

    He epitomizes the suave, poised gentleman—who knows exactly what he's doing—because he's done it before several times over!

    Ms. Kelly would not only be unable to refuse his charm, she would melt in his arms like ice cream on a sweltering day.


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    Born in Morocco but raised in Britain, Layla is as curvy as they come.

    Besides being a voluptuous vixen, she is a keenly intelligent female who attended a performing arts school in London.

    Not to mention, she is a former Miami Heat dancer whose flexibility and double-jointed hips are uncanny.

    As someone who obviously keeps in shape, Clooney would be well-served to take up Layla for some dance lessons.

    If nothing else, it would be amazing for his health.

Beth Phoenix

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    Now that Beth Phoenix is a single woman, having broken up with CM Punk, she should move on by setting her sights on the total opposite of the "Straight Edge" superstar.

    That man is the debonair George Clooney, who sports no visible tattoos and drinks on occasion.

    Suffice it to say, dating "The Glamazon" would also be a departure for Clooney, who is used to manhandling female hearts.

    In this case, Phoenix would literally manhandle—or "womanhandle"—Clooney, who may enjoy the physical challenge.

    Not to mention, he would be relieved to not have to take the initiative for once even if it meant he was forced to "submit" night in and night out.

Rosa Mendes

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    Rosa Mendes, 32, is more mature than her peers.

    This could bode well for the 50-year-old Clooney, who may prefer women with more experience on their side.

    Furthermore, Mendes is the Sofia Vergara of the WWE—a Latina with an extra dose of spunk.

    She's not afraid to communicate what she wants, when she wants it and how she wants it done.

    Clooney, who once played a handyman on the Facts of Life, would know exactly when and how to do his share of the chores if he ever got seriously involved with Mendes.


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    If George Clooney enjoys a plate of exciting drama to go with his nightly caviar, Kaitlyn would be the ideal girl for him.

    The former NXT star and "Chickbuster" is a girl with attitude who knows every penny of her worth.

    If she gets mistreated in any way, she's the kind of chick who will make sure her man faces the appropriate consequences.

    For all we know, Clooney may not mind a woman who steadfastly sets down rules in order to keep her beau in check.

    After all, if he does settle down, the Hollywood mogul will likely need someone who will keep him on the straight and narrow at all times.


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    Based on facial features alone, Eve is arguably the most beautiful woman on the WWE roster.

    Adding to her attractiveness is a lean and toned figure that causes the ocean (see photo on the left) to erupt in waves of ecstasy.

    Even beyond her appearance, though, what makes Eve a catch for Mr. Clooney is her metropolitan sensibilities.

    She is a USC alumnus, resident of Los Angeles and is well-acquainted with the hustle and bustle of the second most populated city in the country.

    In addition to her nearness to Hollywood, she's previously dated a celebrity in Reggie Bush.

    As a result, Eve may be the most practical mate for George Clooney if his romance with Stacy Keibler fizzles out.

The Bella Twins

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    Being the Hollywood high roller he is, Clooney exudes a sheer magnetism that lures oodles of women his way.

    Notwithstanding that, the star of the Oscar-nominated Descendants has always exercised a degree of discipline, opting for a real love match, as opposed to a temporary thrill.

    Nonetheless, sometimes a momentary rush is necessary for someone who needs to "escape" following an emotionally damaging breakup.

    Supposing Clooney feels overly distraught if Keibler isn't the one, he may want to give Alberto Del Rio a call.

    Enter Nikki and Brie Bella, who would double-handedly ensure Clooney summarily bounced back from any despondency.