NC State Basketball Video: Watch Lorenzo Brown's Epic Buzzer-Beater vs. UNC

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 26, 2012

The only proper way to head into the locker room at half is with some swagger. I think quieting thousands of raucous Tar Heels counts. 

North Carolina State was in Chapel Hill to take on in-state rival North Carolina Thursday, and things didn't go so well. 

The Tar Heels entered the half up 37-23. You might also see on the box score that Lorenzo Brown sank a three-pointer. Well, you might think to yourself, sorry I missed that. 

You are damn straight, because it was the best thing to happen in a game in which the Wolfpack were getting smoked. 

The first half was getting fairly out of hand and NC State was about to get laughed into the locker room. That is when Brown decided to stop all the shouting and cheering with one bucket. 

The problem is, he only had a second on the clock after he rebounded the ball on North Carolina's side of the court. So he just chucked a high-arching ball that even Tim Tebow would have been proud of. 

Now, I have no way in knowing if Brown called bank, but the ball hit board and bounced in. Epic. The best part isn't the shot, or the way in which the crowd went from a level 10 to the arena sounding like a library. 

The best part was Brown walking off the court like he hit a layup in the warm-up line. His team was getting waxed on the court, but he gave them reason to hold their heads high into halftime. Not really high, but at least tomatoes weren't thrown. 

The Wolfpack should have stopped there, because things didn't get any better in the second half.