50 Most Scandalous Cheerleaders in Sports History

Amber LeeSports Lists Lead WriterJanuary 27, 2012

50 Most Scandalous Cheerleaders in Sports History

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    There's nothing the media loves more than a cheerleader scandal. If you've seen the excessive news coverage of even the most minor of cheerleader scandals, you know exactly what I'm talking about. 

    There is a national obsession with cheerleaders in this country and it seems that everyone has a strong opinion about them. Whatever your personal reasons are, you either love 'em or hate 'em—and that's what sells! 

    Indifference is news kryptonite, and nobody is indifferent about a cheerleader scandal.

    If you love cheerleaders, you want to read/see all the salacious details.

    If you hate cheerleaders, you want to read/see all the salacious details.

    Basically, when it involves a cheerleader, everyone wants to read/see all the salacious details. 

    That's where I come in! 

    Personally, I love cheerleaders—they're pretty, peppy, passionate and prone to bad decisions. And, because I know what you like, I've put together a list of the 50 most scandalous cheerleaders and cheerleader moments in history.

    Let's go rake through the muck together.

50. Washington Wizards Dancers

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    The Washington Wizards dancers "scandal" isn't really a scandal at all, more like a titillating night out on the town.

    A few years back the dancers were photographed drinking till they dropped and mooning one another in a limo...

    Just another night in the nation's capital. 

49. Whitney, Celtics and Lakers Dancer

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    In 2008, Sports Illustrated reported that (then) Lakers girl Whitney was once (GASP!) a dancer for their hated rival Celtics. 

    I promise these scandals will get hotter as we continue, we're just starting at the shallow end of the pool!

48. Vanessa Curry, Former Laker Girl

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    Jeez, not only did Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant have a long standing affair with a Lakers girl, he picked one with the same damn name as his wife. I don't know how that makes it any worse, but it just does. 

    Curry is (now) a former Lakers girl who parlayed her notoriety as Kobe's mistress into a career as a stripper/singer—she's a member of the Pussycat Dolls. 

47. Krystle Campbell, Former Eagles Cheerleader

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    In April 2011, former Eagles cheerleader Krystal Campbell got engaged to Phillies slugger Ryan Howard—but that's not scandalous on its own. 

    It was Campbell's predictably female behavior before the engagement that raised eyebrows.

    It was reported that Campbell was blowing off practices and slacking on her cheerleading duties, before ditching the squad entirely after the 2010 season. 

46. Melissa Kellerman, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

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    Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Melissa Kellerman will be forever known as the cheerleader who got flattened by Cowboys tight end Jason Witten.

    Kellerman was a trooper and even made light of the incident on Twitter the following day, which apparently didn't go over well. 

    Things got scandalous when Kellerman's Twitter account mysteriously disappeared—CNBC reported that DCC forced her off Twitter and denied media access to her after the incident.

    The organization denied the allegation, and Kellerman's Twitter account eventually reappeared with stricter privacy settings.

45. Patriots Cheerleaders in Punta Cana

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    In 2010, the Patriots cheerleaders shot their swimsuit calendar in Punta Cana. That's an event that could attract plenty of attention all on its own—but when photos of the girls with a Tiger Woods blowup doll hit the net, it really got people talking. 

    At least it wasn't a Bill Belichick blowup doll. 

44. Lauren Beard, Former University of Florida Cheerleader

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    In March 2006, former Gators cheerleader Lauren Beard was arrested for filing a false police report—a misdemeanor.

    Police said Beard claimed she was receiving menacing emails from a stalker, but it was later discovered that she was the one sending the emails. 

    Guess she didn't get enough attention as a cheerleader for the Tim Tebow-era Gators. 

43. Winnipeg Blue Bomber Cheerleaders

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    I'm just going to say that the Winnipeg Blue Bomber cheerleaders look like they know how to have a good time, and leave it at that. 

42. Amber Lancaster, Former Seattle Seahawks Cheerleader

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    Former Sea Gal Amber Lancaster is an actress and current model on The Price is Right

    In September 2011, it was reported that Lancaster was named in a discrimination lawsuit against the show, brought on by former model Lanisha Cole.

    Cole alleges Lancaster got preferential treatment and was allowed to go out on modeling assignments and arrive late to work, while she was not afforded the same benefits. 

    Our society today is far too litigious, the only fair way to settle all this is some kind of mud wrestling event. 

42. Arizona State University Cheerleaders

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    In 2008, the Arizona State cheerleaders were obviously desperate for attention, and they sure knew how to attract it.

    Hot broads plus sexy lingerie equals massive amounts of attention.

    After a series of photos ended up on TheDirty, university officials felt they had no other choice but to shut down the whole damn program.

    Seems like a bit of an overreaction considering cheerleaders don't wear much more on the sidelines. 

41. Amanda Pflugrad, Former University of Oregon Cheerleader

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    After being featured as Sports Illustrated's Cheerleader of the Week in 2008, the stunningly beautiful Amanda Pflugrad became one of the most recognized cheerleaders in the country.

    It wasn't long after that a series of scandalous photos hit the web, featuring a (likely) inebriated Pflugrad donning a teeny bikini and having quite a good time.

    People went craaaaazy for it. 

40. Christy Oglevee, Former Washington Redskins Cheerleader

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    Most, if not all, teams have some type of rule that prohibits cheerleaders from fraternizing with the players.

    Former Redskins cheerleader Christy Oglevee obviously felt that rules were meant to be broken when she began a relationship with 'Skins tight end Chris Cooley.

    Oglevee was ultimately booted from the squad, but their loss was Cooley's gain—the pair eventually married.

    Something tells me she doesn't regret the decision. 

39. Taylor Corley, Mississippi State Cheerleader

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    In January 2011, SPORTSbyBROOKS reported that Mississippi State freshman Taylor Corley had posed for Playboy under the name Taylor Stone.

    There were rumors that Corley's decision to bare it all for the magazine could get her booted from the squad, but all that proved untrue. 

    Kudos to MSU officials for proving they aren't a bunch of uptight jags. 

38. Nicole Zivich, Former High School Cheerleading Coach

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    In December 2011, Nicole Zivich made headlines when it was reported that she was fired from her coaching job at Estero High School for, what the idiot principal described as, "philosophical differences." 

    "Philosophical differences" in this case is code for "overweight, middle-aged mothers who were needlessly psychotic about Zivich's side job as a Hooters waitress."

    Jealousy is a b***h, and so are the mothers of cheerleaders. 

    District policies allow teachers to have a side job as long as it doesn't interfere with their district job, but apparently there's an unwritten rule about not serving overpriced hot wings in hotpants. 

37. Linda Perry, Former Indianpolis Colts Cheerleader

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    In 2009, Lisa Perry told Playboy magazine that she was dismissed as a Colts cheerleader for fraternizing with players.

    Apparently Perry shared a confusing story about hanging out in a hotel with other cheerleaders and finding a high-profile player hiding in the shower. 

    She really should have named names, then people would have been a lot more interested. 

36. Molly Maginnis, Former University of Oregon Cheerleader

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    In March 2010, former Ducks cheerleader Molly Maginnis was spotted trying—and failing—to parallel park her SUV.

    A bicycle cop noticed the blonde's embarrassing attempts to park the car and decided to investigate whether it was just another case of "crazy woman driver" or if something more sinister was afoot. 

    Turns out there was.

    Maginnis was cited for DUI and then released back into the wild. She may or may not have been dismissed from the squad for her unruly behavior.

    Super insightful, right?

35. West Virginia University Cheerleaders

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    A 2010 headline on BustedCoverage really says it all here: "A BC Investigation: West Virginia Cheerleaders Are Drunk, Topless, Stretchy & So Much Fun!"

    Judging by the pictures posted, those things are all true.

    In their defense, there really isn't much to do in Morgantown besides get drunk, naked and set stuff on fire...

    Seriously, I've been there. 

34. Debbie Greenwell, Former University of Alabama Coach

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    In July 2011, the Tuscaloosa News reported that former Alabama cheerleading coach Debbie Greenwell had been arrested for first-degree theft of property and using her position for personal gain. 

    The arrest came soon after Greenwell filed a federal lawsuit against the school, alleging she had been fired without cause. Well…it sure sounds like they had a cause. 

33. Orange Coast College Cheerleaders

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    In 2008, the Orange Coast College cheerleaders officially put their little no-name college on the map when a series of scandalous pictures hit the web. 

    The girls were on the road for a competition and decided to kick back in the evening by hosting an impromptu luau in their hotel room.

    Obviously they lacked the traditional garb, but improvised admirably—fashioning skirts out of toilet paper and red duct tape. 

    Much respect. Party on girls, party on. 

32. Nicole Rosenstiel, Former Oakland Raiders Cheerleader

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    In August 2011, former Raiderette Nicole Rosenstiel, now a police officer, filed a $1.5 million sexual harassment lawsuit against the city of Oakland. 

    Rosenstiel alleges fellow officers at the Vacaville Police Department would frequently make inappropriate comments about her looks and was advised against using the department's gym because she would draw unwelcome attention to her appearance.

    How long until the inappropriate porn parody of this whole situation is made?

    Not saying I support the idea, just saying that it seems pretty obvious. 

31. University of Indiana Cheerleader

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    Despite making headlines across the country for a series of extremely graphic photographs that hit the web, this Indiana cheerleader somehow managed to remain nameless.

    Lawsuits were filed and the photos are pretty tough to find online now…but they still exist. 

    She reportedly lost her spot on the squad over the whole kerfuffle.

    Let this be a lesson ladies—never send naked photos to that bum of a boyfriend you've got on the hook. Eventually you will split and he will send them to TheDirty. 

30. Rebecca Manns, Former University of Louisville Cheerleader

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    In 2007, Rebecca Manns was a cheerleader on the national champion Louisville squad, and things couldn't have been going better for Ms. Manns.

    All that changed when intimate photos of her and her boyfriend mysteriously surfaced on the web. 

    Whether the images were stolen from her memory card or were leaked by the boyfriend after a fight, the university did not care.

    Manns wasn't just booted from the squad, those douches actually kicked her out of school. 

29. Andrew Blanton, Former Ball State University Cheerleader

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    In November 2010, this sexy dish was arrested and charged with DUI. Ball State male cheerleader Andrew Blanton had slurred speech and a blood alcohol level greater than .1 when he was nicked by the cops.

    He reportedly failed two of four field sobriety tests.

    Two of four? I get the feeling the cops were just enjoying making this dude jump through hoops for no reason. 

28. Gabriella Pasqualotto, Former Mumbai Indians Cheerleader

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    In May 2011, the Mumbai Indians canned Gabriella Pasqualotto after it came to light that she was the author of "The Secret Diary of an IPL Cheerleader," a "saucy" blog that shined a spotlight on the after-hours behavior of cricketers. 

    In addition to divulging the athlete's secrets, Pasqualotto was also relatively harsh in her characterization of working class Indians.

    The blog is definitely worth a read if you've got some time on your hands. 

27. Sacramento Kings Dancers

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    Seriously, 2008 was the golden age of cheerleaders behaving badly—the Kings dancer scandal was just one of a number of stories that year.

    This whole thing was really much ado about nothing, just a few classy broads sipping champagne and touching each other's boobs. 

    Move it along folks, nothin' to see here. 

26. Ashley Kathleen Carnes, Former University of Kentucky Cheerleader

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    In December 2010, Kentucky quarterback Mike Hartline and his cheerleader girlfriend, Ashley Carnes, were arrested after leaving a local bar.

    A patron at the bar accused Hartline and Carnes of physically assaulting her but didn't have any physical injuries on her; no charges were ever filed. Carnes was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was nicked for being drunk in a public place, second-degree disorderly conduct and possessing a fake ID. All charges were later dismissed.

    Oh man, I'd have been sooo mad if I lost my fake ID in college over something like this.

25. Carlie Christine, Former Casa Robles High School Cheerleading Coach

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    In 2009, the sexy and sultry Carlie Beck was fired from her job as a high school cheerleading coach for being sexy and sultry.

    Beck had posed for Playboy prior to being offered a job at her alma mater, Casa Roble High School. 

    Beck was canned after the disgruntled "parents" (you know it wasn't the father complaining) of a would-be cheerleader printed out her Playboy photos and brought them to a meeting with the school principal.

24. Caitlin Davis, Former New England Patriots Cheerleader

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    In 2008 (obviously), Patriots cheerleader Caitlin Davis was dismissed from the squad after she posted some pictures on Facebook that showed her proudly standing over her drunk friend with a marker.

    The friend was literally covered in sharpie doodles—including various penises and swastikas. Ah yes, the good old days when we used to get drunk and draw swastikas on our sleeping friends. 

    Davis claimed she wasn't responsible for the offending doodles—it was probably the one-armed man—and just like in the movie, the Patriots didn't believe her. 

    No word on whether or not her friend punched her in the damn face the next day, but jeez, I hope she did.

23. Brandy Blair, Former Atlanta Hawks Dancer

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    In November 2009, SPORTSbyBROOKS reported that former Hawks dancer Briana was now known as Brandy Blair, porn star!

    I bet that's what it says on her business cards. 

    Props to Brooks for his dedication to bringing us the hard news.

22. Danielle Gamba, Former Denver Broncos Cheerleader

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    In 2004, cheerleader-turned-Playmate Danielle Gamba and her Playmate pal Carrie Minter were both immediately arrested upon their plane's arrival in San Antonio. 

    The girls were reportedly drunk and rowdy on the plane and squabbling amongst themselves before turning their rage on their fellow passengers. 

    The whole situation took a pornographic turn when Gamba allegedly made sexual advances at the arresting officers, hoping doing so would…get her off on the charges.

    It's a damn shame that cellphone cameras weren't as widespread in 2004. 

21. Bothell High School Cheerleaders

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    In 2008 (naturally), two cheerleaders at Bothell High School were booted off the squad and suspended after the naked pictures they sent their boyfriends ended up getting circulated around the entire school.

    Really, a suspension?

    You don't think they had already learned a lesson about what not to do with naked pictures of themselves?

    Why are all school officials—almost universally—jags?

20. Toni, Former Cleveland Cavaliers Dancer

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    In 2008 (is there any other year?), former Cavaliers dancer Toni became an instant sensation when photos of her and a friend sharing a bubble bath hit the web. 

    I don't know what all the fuss was about, I'm writing this in a bubble bath with a few of my girlfriends right now. 

19. Samantha Baker, Former New England Patriots Cheerleader

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    In February 2011, former Patriots cheerleader-turned-fitness model Samantha Baker was arrested for steroid possession during a major drug bust in Braintree, Massachusetts.

    Yep, that's a real place. I looked it up on Google Maps.  

    Apparently, Baker is/was an award-winning fitness model. Gee, I wonder how she does it…probably just diet and exercise. 

18. Malori Wampler, Former Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader

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    In November 2010, former Indianapolis Colts cheerleader Malori Wampler was dismissed from the team after the organization received photos of her posing in a bikini…a body paint bikini. 

    In May 2011, Wampler filed a lawsuit against the Colts, which alleges her firing was a discriminatory action. Additional details of the suit can be found summarized on BroBible.com via SPORTSbyBROOKS. 

    The Colts are sure developing a reputation of being sh***y jerkfaces who dismiss valuable employees without any cause, care or consideration.  

17. The Fab Five Cheerleaders

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    These broads were dubbed the "Fab Five" because in high school they skipped class, dressed like skanks, posted sexually suggestive photos of themselves on the internet and basically terrorized every poor, unsuspecting human who was unlucky enough to stumble into their path. 

    Their horrifying behavior was horrifying enough to spawn a horrifyingly bad movie based on their a-hole antics.

    My sympathy to every resident of McKinney, Texas that isn't related to these unholy she-beasts. 

    Here's hoping these jerkoffs are in prison somewhere today.

16. Beverly Lynne Hubscher, Former Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader

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    Beverly Lynne Hubscher was a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader for two seasons and was the cover girl for their 1999-2000 swimsuit calendar.

    After two seasons with the team, Hubscher said goodbye to Philadelphia and headed to Hollywood, where she has been working in soft-core porn ever since.

    In December 2011, Hubscher spoke with Mark Kram of the Philadelphia Daily News about how she became the "Queen of Late Nite."

15. Storme Shannon Aerison, Former Colorado Springs Spirit Cheerleader

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    Back in the '90s, Storme Shannon Aerison enrolled at Coronado High School in Colorado Springs. She claimed to be a 17-year-old and immediately joined the all-girl cheerleading squad. 

    Well, as it turned out, Aerison wasn't actually a 17-year-old girl, but rather a 26-year-old transvestite. Eventually, she was found out and arrested for criminal impersonation and third-degree forgery. 

    Listen, I know hindsight is 20/20 or whatever...but seriously, nobody suspected she was a dude?

14. Hunter Johnson, Former Wake Christian Academy Cheerleader

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    In 2008 (when else?), 16-year-old Wake Christian Academy cheerleader Hunter Johnson was arrested for selling prescription drugs out of her BMW. 

    Priceless. Just priceless! 

    Her parents must have been so proud. I wonder if they bought her a Mercedes SUV as a reward?

13. Pilita Corrales, Former Seattle SuperSonics Cheerleader

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    In September 2010, former SuperSonics dancer Pilita Corrales was arrested and charged with embezzling more than $250,000 from a construction supply company firm where she worked. 

    Corrales reportedly spent the money at salons, upscale clothing stores and luxury hotels. All the while, the company was losing money and was actually forced to layoff some of her coworkers. 

    Let's all say a silent prayer for the unlucky sucker who decides to marry this one. 

12. Former Morton High School Cheerleaders

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    In November (say it with me!) 2008, several members of the Morton Ranch High School varsity cheerleading squad were arrested when details of a "celebratory breakfast" emerged. 

    Apparently their idea of a good time is kidnapping the younger cheerleaders, wrapping their wrists and ankles in duct tape, covering them in soiled underwear and then throwing them into a pool.

    I guess it really isn't a party until someone soils their underwear and puts it on your head. WTF. 

    The five "ladies" in the picture were indicted as adults. Haha (Nelson laugh)!

11. Jill Moore, Former Ware Shoals High School Cheerleading Coach

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    In January 2007, former high school cheerleading coach Jill Moore was arrested for staging a sex party for two National Guardsmen with the high school cheerleaders she coached. Moore took the girls to a hotel room with the soldiers and provided the drinks for the party.

    She was eventually charged with supplying alcohol and cigarettes to students and contributing to the delinquency of minors. Moore was also accused of having sex with a male student on a separate occasion. Both Moore and the school's principal lost their jobs as a result of the scandal. 

    Wow that's all very bad stuff...but does this chick know how to party or what?

10. Chelsea Steele, Former Sprayberry High School Cheerleader

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    In 2009, this broad was arrested for stealing a box full of money from a group of children.

    The children (one of whom was in a wheelchair) were selling T-shirts and hats to benefit a father's struggling embroidery business. 


    So Chelsea Steele officially claimed the title of "Worst Person in the World," but at least she earned 147 bones for her trouble. 

9. Whitney Isleib, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

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    In 2009, Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Whitney Isleib decided to dress as rapper Lil' Wayne for Halloween, and the rest is history.

    That's pretty much all there is to that story, but before we move on, I have something to say to everyone. 

    Please stop dressing in blackface. I know you think your idea is clever, awesome or not offensive…but if it involves blackface—it is none of those things. Maybe you think you're edgy enough to pull this off ironically and that everyone will get the joke, but you are not, and they won't. 

    Thanks in advance. 

8. Mary Delgado, Former Tampa Bay Bucaneers Cheerleader

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    Mary Delgado is a former Bucs cheerleader who found love with Bachelor Byron on ABC's trash heap The Bachelor. 

    It's too bad that after Byron found love he also found the back of Mary's hand, because she was arrested in a number of domestic incidents over the years. The couple lasted a lot longer than they should have, but eventually ended their engagement. 

    Smart move, Byron. 

7. Wendy Brown, Wannabe High School Cheerleader

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    In 2009, 33-year-old Wendy Brown was arrested for using her 15-year-old daughter's ID to enroll in high school.

    Apparently, Brown wanted to go back to high school because she was desperate to become a cheerleader.

    Before being found out, she actually made the squad and attended a number of practices and a pool party. She also wrote a check for her uniform…that bounced. 

    Classic. Perhaps she should've gotten a job instead. 

6. Kori Lanard, Former Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader

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    In May 2011, former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader Kori Lanard was arrested in Georgia after being linked to a statewide stolen car ring and "chop shop." 

    When Lanard and her sister were arrested, they were both found to be driving stolen vehicles. 

    Obviously, the Lanard sisters are not to be messed with. 

    The county sheriff called the case "epic," and the involvement of a former NFL cheerleader always helps attract extra attention. 

5. Mulburry High School Cheerleaders

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    In March 2008, six girls in Florida invited their friend over for a surprise videotaped beating.

    Apparently, the victim had said something on the cyber-ghetto MySpace that had bothered them, and they thought the best way to sort through the whole issue was an official bludgeoning. 

    Upon her arrest, one teen asked the officers if she'd be released in time for cheerleading practice...

    The teen brain is a scary, scary thing.

    Anyway, these sociopaths were arrested and charged with battery, false imprisonment and kidnapping.

    Ouch, that's gotta sting. 

4. Courtney Simpson, Former Arizona State Cheerleader

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    In Courtney Simpson's first porn film, Double Dutch (seriously), she decided to make her alma mater proud by wearing her old Arizona State cheerleading uniform. 

    Surely, ASU sent her flowers as a thank you for besmirching the university. 

3. Sarah Jones, Former Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleader

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    Former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones has been in the news for quite some time over continuing legal proceedings against TheDirty.com founder Nik Ritchie.

    Jones filed a lawsuit against Ritchie after he posted pictures of her with Bengals kicker Shane Graham and alleged she had sexual affairs with multiple players.

    Jones was awarded $11 million in damages by a judge in 2010, but Ritchie appealed the decision and the case is ongoing.

    If Nik Ritchie is in any way involved, you know it's going to be scandal-icious. 

2. Ashley Dupre, Former High School Cheerleader

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    Surely you remember Ashley Dupre, the prostitute at the center of the Elliot Spitzer scandal.

    Well, she used to be a high school cheerleader.

    She also reportedly dressed up as a cheerleader for the ex-governor. Ew. 

1. Angela Keathley, Former Carolina Panthers Cheerleader

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    Which brings us to the mother of all cheerleader scandals.

    The drunk lesbian Panthers cheerleaders who were dismissed from the squad for going at it in the bathroom of a Florida Banana Joe's. 

    Just another day at the office for Angela Keathley and...

1. Renee Thomas, Former Carolina Panthers Cheerleader

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    Her partner in grime, Renee Thomas.