Doug Flutie's Daughter: The Best Pics of Patriots Cheerleader Alexis Flutie

Ryan Klocke@@RyanKlockeBRFeatured ColumnistJanuary 26, 2012

Doug Flutie's Daughter: The Best Pics of Patriots Cheerleader Alexis Flutie

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    "Hail Mary, Flakes, Short-but-Successful"...these are things that used to come to mind whenever the name "Flutie" was mentioned. Doug has always been a fan favorite, an odds defier, the go-to guy when somebody argues about a quarterback's height. 

    Then we learned about his daughter. His hot, brunette, professional-cheerleading daughter, Alexa. She made big news over the summer (seriously, blogs everywhere mentioned her making the squad) when the Patriots tabbed the recent-college grad to help motivate Brady et al. 

    Now, she'll be doing it on the grandest stage in sports: Super Bowl: XLIV.

    And much as we like watching him heave that ball to lead B.C. over Miami, checking out these pics is just as, if not more, enjoyable. 

10. Educated Dancer

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    "Do what you love" is a cliche oft-told when it comes time to pick a career. It's why I'm happily writing this while wearing a T-shirt and a pair of Vans in an office that has a ping-pong table. On a similar train of thought, it's why Alexa is a cheerleader.

    Her major in college? Dance. Seriously, she has a BA in dance from Dean College (class of 2010). It paid off, because, famous dad or not, making an NFL squad is a taxing process (stay tuned). 

9. Choreography Machine?

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    Once the cheerleading stops, though hopefully not soon, Alexa's career goal is to "become a choreographer for music videos and/or tours."

    Just, please, Alexa, don't take any motivation from this

8. Failure ...

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    It stings to be told "no," especially when it's for your dream job. Imagine all the anticipation, nervousness and build-up to your tryout/interview, only to be sent packing once it's over. Sucks. 

    Now multiply that feeling four times over. Alexa did. She tried again and again to get on the Patriots squad before getting that ever-so-satisfying "yes."As one of our B/R Featured Columnists put it, the ordeal showed her resolve:

    Alexa Flutie has finally made the New England Patriots cheerleading squad. The Fluties do not take no for an answer as Alexa was shunned four times by the Patriots before making the squad. 


    After being turned down four times with the Patriots, she certainly has her father's tenacity. A great deal of success in life is never giving up. Doug Flutie gave that to his daughter, and she is using it to her benefit with the New England Patriots. 

7. Future in Modeling?

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    While we know she wants to help direct dancers, Alexa definitely has other career options. (See related picture for reference.)

    Or check the gallery from our friends at, who helped provide the pictures you're being treated to here. 

6. Tweeting Away

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    Shocker! She's on Twitter.

    The first thing you'll notice if you check out @alexaflutie is that she's a huge Red Sox fan. Sorry, Yankee lovers. At least you have to respect that she's repping her teams hard.

    As a San Francisco-based writer, I can tell when somebody's fair-weathering it (plenty of that after the 2010 World Series).

5. Newcomer No Longer

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    Right after she earned her cheerleader uniform for New England, B/R Swagger named her one of "The 30 Sexiest Sports Hottie Newcomers."

    Though she's still technically a rookie cheerleader, we can say she's arrived now that she'll be cheering in Indy. 

4. 300 to 31

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    Those are the numbers behind the whittling-down process that takes place in Patriots cheerleader tryouts. Yahoo!  scored an interview with Alexa after she survived all the cuts: 

    Alexa can relate to the grueling process that her dad went through of making an NFL roster.

    Cheerleading tryouts for the Patriots started with approximately 300 girls and was whittled down to 31 members after three rounds that included a two-week boot camp at the end.

    "It was very hard, very draining, but [I'm] very excited to get through everything," Alexa said.

3. No Special Treatment

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    A legend in the Boston area, it would have been easy to assume that Alexa's dad could have pulled the necessary strings to get her daughter. Not the case, as we've learned.

    Though, it didn't stop the Anonymous Online Snark Brigade from taking aim. 

    As told to Yahoo!:

    "I've heard a couple people—maybe comments online or people just talking about [how] I got it because of my dad," Alexa said. "…The cheerleaders have been absolutely great, they don't judge me in any way whatsoever."


2. Is There a Boyfriend?

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    A very pertinent question. It's a very pertinent question for any good-looking girl in sports. People just have to know.

    Google any sports hottie and then put in the letter "b" after their name. Yup. According to Busted Coverage, she's taken. 


1. Football IQ

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    As a the daughter of a pro quarterback, you'd expect Alexa to know her football. And she does. She had to if she wanted to don a Patriots Cheerleader uniform.

    There was a football IQ test involved, and she naturally passed. 

    We're glad she did, because it helped pave the way to her being Super Bowl-bound.