WWE Opinion: Cody Rhodes Has Potential To Be A Bigger Superstar Than His Father

Michael DesjardinsCorrespondent IIJanuary 26, 2012

The development of Cody Rhodes has been interesting since he signed a WWE contract nearly six years ago. It's been a long road for the second-generation superstar, especially considering the kind of pedigree he has.

His father is the "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, a WWE Hall of Famer, most known for having legendary feuds in NWA/WCW with stars such as Ric Flair, Harley Race and Terry Funk.

His half-brother, Dustin Rhodes, is Goldust, whose bizarre character and mind games were a staple of the Attitude Era.

Cody began his career as a tag team competitor alongside Gavin Spears in Ohio Valley Wrestling.

When he was moved to the main roster, he began as a babyface, trying to earn respect out of the other superstars, namely Hardcore Holly. They then formed a tag team and found immediate success, winning what was then called the World Tag Team Championships..

He then turned heel and formed a stable with Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase, known as The Legacy. Between 2008 and 2010, he was featured in main events on both television and PPVs, feuding with superstars such as Batista, Shane McMahon, D-Generation-X, and at the end, Randy Orton himself.

Afterwards, he was moved to Smackdown, where he was given his "Dashing" gimmick. He was a narcissist who was often more concerned with his looks rather than winning matches.

His nose was then legitimately broken by Rey Mysterio, which began his disfigured gimmick. He wore a protective mask, which he'd often use to win matches. Later on, he used assistants to place paper bags over the heads of both wrestlers and audiences.

As brief his feud with Booker T was, it did demonstrate how great of a performer Cody Rhodes actually is.
As brief his feud with Booker T was, it did demonstrate how great of a performer Cody Rhodes actually is.

He has since returned to his "Dashing" gimmick. He won the Intercontinental Championship back in August and has held it ever since.

He redesigned the belt to what it looked like back in the 1980s (which I believes helps establish credibility), and has several feuds (both title and non-title) with guys such as Ezekiel Jackson, Randy Orton, and a brief one with Booker T.

However, I think since his "Dashing" gimmick has been established, he's been one of the top heels in the WWE. He's got the image, the charisma, and is very good on the mic.

He has also shown that he has great wrestling abilities. His two matches against Booker T show the quality kind of match Cody can have, given that he faces the right superstar.

Thatt's why I think his combined talents, both in and out of the ring, will eventually make him bigger than his father ever was.

At only 26 years old, Cody has a potentially long career ahead of him. His abilities as a superstar have already surpassed those of his half-brother (speaking of which, I like the potential brother vs. brother feud that is likely to happen for Wrestlemania).

Though so young, he already has a knack on how to perform. He puts on very solid matches, both on television and on PPV, and generates a large reaction from the WWE Universe.

The only thing that's missing between him and his father is the lack of memorable feuds. He and Booker T had a great match at TLC and in the subsequent match on Smackdown, but that was a brief feud to establish more credibility to both Cody and his title run (which it did).

The next step for him is to have long-standing feuds with some more of the main-event talent. A feud with Randy Orton, while it has been already done just a couple of months ago, wouldn't be too bad.

Fighting some great technical wrestlers like Christian and/or Daniel Bryan would also help, and having them compete in one-on-one matches on PPV would result in some excellent matches (more so, than Bryan vs. Big Show, that's for sure).

Rhodes has the talent to surpass his father's accomplishments. The WWE have already started off on the right path. Now the company just needs to continue pushing him correctly and establish him as a big draw on the roster.