New York Knicks: Do We Have a Receipt for Carmelo Anthony?

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New York Knicks: Do We Have a Receipt for Carmelo Anthony?
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I've read the surveys and I've seen that Kris Humphries is public enemy number one, but if you're a Knicks fan I think we have a new representative for that political party. Carmelo Anthony is beginning to irritate all those New Yorkers that thought, "Maybe, just maybe this is going to be our year." Aren't we a bit far from the truth there?

Since Melo dawned upon us in his No. 7 Knicks jersey, New York is 20-23 during the regular season. If that doesn't say enough about the Knicks team, the Nuggets, after acquiring everything but Spike Lee last season, are 29-13. Does anybody else see the problem here?

Why is it that we have a person of superstar caliber, combined with another superstar in Amar'e Stoudemire, but can't compete night in and night out? That's right, because all we have left is Spike Lee and Madison Square Garden. Our bench has depleted over the last year. You don't need a great bench to win games—just ask the Houston Rockets—but you need players that can score and play defense! So we give up defense in Raymond Felton, Wilson Chandler, and Danilo Gallinari for another scorer in Anthony? Someone read the book on successful franchises wrong.

Now the Knicks are in a deep, dark hole that I'm not sure if they'll climb out of. We desperately need a point guard to run the pick and roll with Amar'e. Raymond Felton and Stat perfected this in their short time together. Wilson Chandler was a solid sixth man coming off the bench and filling a void. He could shoot or drive. Now our sixth man is Toney Douglas. Did Bernie Madoff hit the Knicks too? Finally, we had a forward in Danilo Gallinari that perfected perimeter shooting. Put all that together and we had a supportive cast, a team!

Although I am a Carmelo Anthony fan, it's frustrating watching the Knicks take a beating, both home and away. We lost to the LeBron-less Cavs for crying out loud! How did they do it? With unselfish team play. The media coverage and social networking sites portray the Knicks as Carmelo's team, but let's not forget Amar'e made the jump with no guarantees for success, and he made it happen until Anthony joined prior to the trade deadline. It might be time for Stoudemire to step up and take control because at the rate New York is going, they are destined for doom.

Did Carmelo Anthony cost the Knicks too much? Well not necessarily. As I mentioned, we managed to keep Madison Square Garden, Spike Lee, and Mike D'Antoni (see my sarcasm here?). The latter part might be gone soon, especially if he can't get his team above .500. Not only did Melo cost too much, but he might cost D'Antoni his job.

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