Super Bowl Betting: What's $5 Million Between Friends?

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Super Bowl Betting: What's $5 Million Between Friends?
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Betting on the Super Bowl has long been one of the biggest parts of the NFL’s most important Sunday. So where does mediocre rapper/businessman/revoltingly rich person Birdman’s potential $5 million bet on the game fit into to the rest of Americana? Well, it doesn’t.

For those unfamiliar with Bryan “Birdman” Williams, he is the co-founder of Cash Money Records, the record label that currently includes Drake, Lil Wayne, and Nicki Minaj as artists. Birdman is the one throwing money in the air and blowing smoke in the background of all their dimly lit videos. He has made a few songs that have entered the cultural subconscious such as "Pop Bottles”, “100 Million”, and “Y.U. Mad." But he mainly serves the rap world as an entrepreneur who occasionally features on posse collaborations.

Birdman is also notable in the rap world for his simple lyrics. Imagine the stereotype of a rapper: someone who only raps about clothes, cars, money, women and does it using simpleton grammar sprinkled with the occasional N-bomb. This is Birdman. But his obsession with betting big numbers on sporting events is anything but. This is a guy who claims he recently lost $2 million betting on the Miami Heat.

It’s such a ridiculous wager by such a ridiculous guy. Birdman is so detached from the rest of the world that this bet probably seems normal to him. He’s betting on the Patriots, because running back Ben-Jarvis Green-Ellis is his nephew or something. That could be “nephew” in the way Snoop Dogg calls people nephew, or an actual blood relative. I really have no idea.

No one has accepted Birdman’s offer yet, although fellow increasingly irrelevant rapper 50 Cent says he would be down for $1 million on the Giants. It’s amazing that Birdman can continuously make these bets and not be bankrupt the way a wealthy person like Terrell Owens is. Are rappers that much better at finance and evading the IRS?

The nation waits for Birdman to respond to see who can bet the most amount of money that would better be used buying solid gold floors or hovercrafts for poor people.

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