The Utah Utes Send a Message to the BCS

JT RayContributor IJanuary 3, 2009

Sure, the 2009 Allstate Sugar Bowl lacked the hook-and-lateral, half-back pass and Statue of Liberty play, but Utah sent a message none the less.

The Utes opened the scoring with a precision drive, and never relinquished the lead, and dominating the game.

Alabama entered the game 12-1, and a nine and half point favorite, and ran into a Utah team hungry for another BCS Bowl victory.

The win marks Utah’s second BCS Bowl win and the third win in four games for a non-BCS team.

In their first BCS game, neigh-sayers excused the Utah win over Pittsburgh as a fluke.

The second win was attributed to trick plays and an Oklahoma team that didn’t care.

The third game, the loss, was “see we told you didn’t belong”.

This fourth game, however, sends a clear message that teams from the MWC, the WAC, Conference USA, the MAC and Sun Belt can, given the proper resources, play with the likes of the all-mighty and all-powerful SEC conference.

I congratulate Utah on a fine win over a very good Nick Saban-led Alabama Team. I look forward to next year's non-BCS team win over a BCS team.