Wake Forest's Rebounding Versus BYU's Home Court

The Brothers LynnCorrespondent IJanuary 3, 2009

I couldn’t be more excited about tonights BYU game against #6 Wake Forest. I’m so glad that Wake Forest was willing to travel to the Marriott Center to face BYU.

As I’ve read through some articles on Wake Forest on stat stood out above the others. The Deacons lead the nation with 43.9 rebounds a game. They also lead the ACC (and rank fifth nationally) with a rebounding margin of plus 10.4.

Wake Forest’s rebounding margin is just scary when I think back to BYU’s previous games. The Utah State game in particular I remember BYU just getting worked over on the boards. BYU will have to find a way to manage the rebounding margin and work in the intangibles of playing at home to win the game.

I hope the Marriott Center isn’t like past BYU basketball games that have occurred over the break. The #6 team in the nation should be enough reason to pack the Marriott Center. Pack it in their like we’re playing the yewts.