FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid: What Is the Future for Jose Mourinho and Pepe?

Roberto Alvarez-GallosoChief Writer IJanuary 26, 2012

Jose Mourinho
Jose MourinhoJasper Juinen/Getty Images


FC Barcelona going to the semifinals of La Copa del Rey will raise questions about the future of Jose Mourinho and Pepe in Real Madrid. Mourinho and Pepe have faced a lot of criticism since the incident of the hand-stomping of Messi.

According to the Siro Lopez of the Spanish magazine AS, and Marca (subsequently published in The Telegraph), Mourinho was the center of an argument with one of his players Sergio Ramos concerning the match of January 18, 2012. During the argument, Mourinho accused Ramos and other players of treason.

Jose Mourinho

Mourinho went as far as to say that the Spanish players received "preferential treatment in the press." Ramos responded with derogatory remarks towards Mourinho although he denied them later.

During the match between Real Madrid and Atletico Bilbao, Mourinho was the center of jeers and boos. The jeers and boos predominated in the match in spite of Real Madrid's victory.

According to a breaking report from Goal, Emilio Butragueno (Real Madrid director) commented on how the club should have done more in the match. Butragueno continued by saying that the club was out of luck in the competition.


Pepe did not come out of the match unscathed. According to Goal, Pep Guardiola (FC Barcelona coach) asked Barca fans not to give Pepe a harsh welcome.

The response at Camp Nou (according to Marca) was the stadium calling Pepe an "assassin" during the match. The comments were in response to Pepe stomping on Messi's hand during the first leg of La Copa del Rey.

The Future for Mourinho and Pepe

Mourinho should submit his resignation as Real Madrid manager for the damage he has done to the club. Mourinho has done damage in the last year with his accusations against the UEFA and FC Barcelona of match-fixing.

Mourinho went too far in his latest accusations and the time has come to for him to say goodbye. If Mourinho cannot depart Real Madrid with dignity, the club should find a way to show him the door.

Pepe is a poor example of a world football player who deserves to be red carded at the least. Pepe should at least be reported to the Spanish World Football Association Disciplinary Body for punishment.

It is hoped that Pepe could be banned from world football for his actions against Messi which includes the hand-stomping in 2012 and the face kick in 2011.

It remains to be seen what will transpire for the two in the year 2012.