WWE: If MVP Returns, What Role Would He Play with the Company?

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIJanuary 25, 2012

WWE: If MVP Returns, What Role Would He Play with the Company?

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    Recent comments made in the Miami Herald via wrestlinginc.com lead many of us to believe Montel Vontavious Porter, known better to us as MVP, wants to make a return to the WWE in some capacity.

    After talking about the company, John Cena and CM Punk, it would come as no shock if the former United State Champion made a comeback after spending time in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

    But what would become of him? Where would he fit in with the company, and more importantly, who would be the best challenge for him.

    Here is a look at ways MVP could help change the future of the WWE.

    And wouldn't it be great to see him make his debut in his hometown of Miami at WrestleMania 28?

A Feud with CM Punk

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    Punk and MVP were in Full Impact Pro Wrestling together. Could a feud spark from that association?

    The Best in the World vs. MVP?

    Sounds like a great movie, but can MVP keep up with him in the ring now that Punk is the best at what he does and can MVP sell for Punk like others can today?

A Feud with Kofi Kingston

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    He was on top of the tag team world two weeks ago, and now Kofi Kingston is jobber fodder.

    There is no place for Kingston right now on either brands. He and MVP battled back and forth for the United States Championship. Could another battle be on the horizon?

    Could Kingston actually turn "heel" and challenge MVP or the other way around?

A Tag Team Partner of Kofi Kingston

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    I like this idea.

    Kingston and MVP challenging Primo and Epico for the tag team titles.

    Both would be popular choices, maybe more popular than Air Boom and a lot more exciting.

    Maybe the help usher in the new tag team division?

A "Partner in Crime" with John Cena

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    I think something like a trinity of John Cena, MVP and maybe R-Truth would be pretty spectacular right about now.

    A chance to battle a group from Vickie Guerrero's stable or even one established by Chris Jericho and Christian? It may be nice to see true stables and tag teams make a comeback.

    And it would put all three "faces" firmly in a long-standing angle on television for the fans to enjoy.

A Challenger for the Intercontinental Title

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    A feud with Cody Rhodes is an appealing idea.

    Rhodes would mix a more mat-ridden style with MVP's faster pace. It would contrast and be exciting.

    Can Rhodes sell for MVP and can MVP get over with Rhodes leading the way?

    The MVP has changed some since he left; can the fan base accept him like they did before?