Grading the New Nike 'Platinum' Jerseys

Nathan PalcowskiContributor IIIJanuary 25, 2012

Grading the New Nike 'Platinum' Jerseys

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    Nike is the provider for many uniforms over the college basketball landscape. 

    And today, Nike released their new platinum hoops uniforms for various teams.

    Teams such as UConn, Duke, Syracuse and many others are the recipients of these fine looking jerseys.

    All jerseys are equally awesome, some stand out more than others.  The grading is based on the flash and swag that each jersey brings to the team, on the night in which they will wear them. 

Arizona Wildcats

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    Grade: B

    Arizona starts off the platinum jerseys with a sleek red trim going down the sides.  While the words saying "ZONA" give the Wildcats some swag on the court.

    Arizona will debut the jerseys on Feb. 25 against UCLA.

Uconn Men and Women

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    Grade: B-

    The defending men's college basketball national champions and possibly the greatest women's college basketball program ever, get new platinum uniforms. 

    The jerseys stay in the red look for both squads and get rid of the blue that is usually in their uniforms.  Both jerseys can bring back the national championship form of both teams.

    The UConn men will be the first team to debut these new uniforms when they play Notre Dame on Jan. 30.  The UConn women will debut their uniforms on Feb. 27, also against Notre Dame.

Duke Blue Devils

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    Grade: B-

    The Blue Devils are going away from their usual black and blue away uniforms and using the grey uniforms outlined in blue. 

    Though these jerseys are sleek looking, the blue looks too much like their cross-town rival North Carolina.  The grey just doesn't seem to go with the Blue Devils.

    The Blue Devils will dress in the grey on Feb.11 against Maryland. 

Florida Gators

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    Grade: A

    The grey goes well with the Gators of Florida.  If the Gator text in the front isn't enough, inside the text is the fading out of both blue and orange.

    On the back, the jersey gets even better.  As the imprint of the Florida Gator logo is imprinted within the jersey.  With the blue and orange running down the side, this jersey makes this team look better. 

    The Florida Gators will wear these on Feb. 11 against Tennessee.   

Kentucky Wildcats

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    Grade: C+

    Now I know that you're not able to do much with blue and grey, but these uniforms look too similar to those of the Duke Blue Devils.

    Though the spotted white and blue going down the side is a new touch, the design is relatively the same.  But these Wildcats, will look good and practically anything they wear this season. 

    The Kentucky Wildcats show off these uniforms on Feb.1 against Tennessee.

North Carolina Tar Heels

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    Grade: A+

    These uniforms represent North Carolina Basketball.  I like the fact that Nike came out and gave the Tar Heels a new style, while keeping their tradition as well.

    The baby blue color goes perfect with the grey.  Along with the baby blue bold text of "Carolina" on the front.  And not to take away from old school, the Tar Heels will still carry their brand of Jordan on the chest. 

    The Tar Heels put these jerseys on, on Feb. 29 against Maryland. 

Syracuse Orange

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    Grade: A+

    The grey for Syracuse fits perfectly in their color scheme.  The Orange seemingly already have a grey uniform, but this is an upgrade to say the least.

    The bold text of 'Cuse" with the inside the text being faded into the dark and light blue color.  Along with the orange streak going down the pants, all culminating in the proud "S" that stands for Syracuse.

    Syracuse dresses in these bad boys, Feb. 22 against South Florida. 

Baylor Bears

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    Grade: A-

    For the women Baylor Bears, this jersey is one of interest and intrigue.  Nike decided to go away from the green that Baylor stands for and stand out with a more yellow look

    The whole jersey is outlined in Yellow with a smudge of green down the sides of the uniform.  The yellow seems to be a fluorescent yellow that stands out nicely. 

    The women Baylor Bears wear these uniforms on Feb.11 against Texas A&M