My 5 Funniest Super Bowl Commercials for Doritos

Alex Giobbi@@alexgiobbiAnalyst IJanuary 25, 2012

My 5 Funniest Super Bowl Commercials for Doritos

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    Just like my last slideshow about the five funniest Super Bowl commercials not for Doritos, here's my list of the five funniest commercials for Doritos. 

    A note, though, some commercials are funnier than others, while some are just plain stupid (snow globe commercial, hint hint).

    Here's the list of the five funniest Super Bowl Commercials from Super Bowls 42-45, with a preview of my favorite entry for Super Bowl 46.  

Super Bowl 42: Mouse Trap

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    To put it simply, you know you have a real pest problem when you have a gigantic "mouse" beating the crap out of you for your Doritos. 

Super Bowl 43: Power of the Crunch

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    At the risk of alienating Doritos commercial enthusiasts, I prefer this ad to the derpy snow globe one. 

    The premise of this commercial is, a guy has a bag of Doritos, and he uses the so-called "Power of the Crunch" to get what he wants. This includes blowing a girl's clothes off, getting money from a compromised ATM and turning a cop into a Capuchin monkey. 

    Unfortunately, he runs out and gets his comeuppance by getting hit by a bus. Karma sure sucks, doesn't it?

Super Bowl 44: Ninja

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    The things we do to protect the things we cherish often defy the rules of sanity. This is quite evident when "Tim" dons a ninja outfit in order to rescue his stolen snacks from the bearded thief seen in the video. 

    This and the Dorito Shuriken star just make me cry every time I see it. 

Super Bowl 45: Pug Attack

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    To put it even more simply than the mouse commercial: Tiny pug + slow-motion running + dramatic music + small glass door = hilarious ending. 

Super Bowl 46: Bird of Prey

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    You know you're certifiably insane when you act like a seagull in order to get free Doritos; nonetheless, seeing a man willing to sacrifice his dignity, all for the sake of some chips, is quite hilarious. 

    That and the "bird" hitting the sliding glass door is quite hilarious and should earn him top consideration for the best Super Bowl ad this year.