NCAA Tournament: Most Recent Pool Lap

Marc DaleyAnalyst IFebruary 20, 2008

I'm ready for a flamage....


1 Tennessee v. 16 Winthrop - Rematch of '06 1st round barnburner.
2 UCLA v. 15 American - Bruins teasingly close to a 1 seed.
3 UConn v. 14 Cornell - Big Red could be first team to clinch...and also where the Bald Wonder's pop did his grad studies.
4 Drake v. 13 VCU - Drake could get screwed come seeding time, it will be interesting to see how they react.
5 Clemson v. 12 Houston - C-USA gets a second team in. Would be first Cougars bid since '92.
6 Purdue v. 11. Kent State - Last time Boilers were a 6 they made it to the Final 8 (2000).
7 Rhode Island v. 10 Baylor - Last week I said the '98 Rams were a 7 seed during their Odom-led run. They were actually an 8 seed.
8 Kansas State v. 9 Gonzaga - The Zags could have enough bodies to throw at Beasley.


1 Memphis v. 16 Ala. State/Morgan St. - printed a good article on Alcorn State as an example of the struggles HBCUs face. The play-in game is another example. No HBCU has won a tourney game since Hampton in '01 (where Bald Wonder's dad taught for nearly 15 years.)
2 Georgetown v. 15 Austin Peay - G'Town gets frustrated with good zone defenses.
3 Xavier v. 14 Siena - Two years ago Xavier was a 14 seed.
4 St. Mary's v. 13 Davidson - Curry/Mills will be the marquee matchup but Sander/Samhan could decide the game.
5 Vandy v. 12 Syracuse - OK, how did they drop despite being G'Town? Thanks USF? And for those who argue about majors getting a 12 seed as often as Bingo seeing a 60-degree December, see Bracketology for confirmation. Trust me, this is going to be a WEIRD bracket.
6 Indiana v. 11 USC - Trojans could be the most dangerous 11 seed since George Mason in '06.
7 Texas A & M v. 10 Maryland - Aggies and Terps meeting on opposite paths.
8 Arizona v. 9 UNLV - Further proof I don't like Kevin O'Neill - Lute Olson would have had this team a top 15 Final 4 darkhorse.


1 UNC v. 16 Wagner - UNC may not break a sweat until the regional final.
2 Texas v. 15 Belmont - First Final 4 since '03 for McConaughey U?
3 Butler v. 14 UMBC - Dogfight? Probably not.
4 Stanford v. 13 Western Kentucky - Secretly the Hilltoppers are one of the hottest teams in the country.
5 Louisville v. 12 New Mexico - Lobos got the last atlarge bid.
6 Pitt v. 11 UMass - Minutemen are teetering...I was very tempted to leave them out but saw no viable options.
7 Wisconsin v. 10 Mississippi State - Vardalos could have a field day with the Badgers dairy boys up front.
8 Dayton v. 9 Oklahoma - I see the biggest second round blowout featuring a 1 seed since '93 (UNC 112 Rhode Island 67)


1 Kansas v. 16 Portland State - Portland State is no Bucknell.
2 Duke v. 15 Cal State-Northridge - Five Matadors average double figures but they also have more turnovers than Magee's Bakery in downtown Lexington.
3 Michigan State v. 14 Boise State - Would be a better football matchup.
4 Washington State v. 13 Stephen F. Austin - Valiant Lumberjack guard Josh Alexander leads the team in rebounding. The Paloose skyscrapers make life difficult.
5 Marquette v. 12 Oral Roberts - People could spend hours debating this game.
6 BYU v. 11 West Virginia - Good v. evil?
7 Notre Dame v. 10 St. Joseph's - Fish and Communion wine for everyone!
8 Arkansas v. 9 South Alabama - All-Pelphrey matchup.